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Anthony took a look at the classic Snatcher. I’ve never played it, but after reading his piece on it today, I really want to try it out. I probably won’t though.

Conrad talked to the lead designer on MAG, Jim tells us how to not look like a dickhead in Killzone 2, I gave the Cops and Robbers DLC for a spin, Splinter Cell Conviction could hit retail this Christmas, Nathan Spencer will high-five you to death and plenty more happened on 04/30/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: New Gamer Dictionary
RetroforceGO! records episode 88 tonight: Peripherals
Snatcher, reconsidered: why you need to play it, but won’t
Interview: Andy Beaudoin, lead designer on MAG
How to not look like a dickhead in Killzone 2
Namco Bandai Editor’s Day recap
The Destuctoid Comic: Run or shoot?


Those About To Die: Vergil
Those About to Die: Bob-ombs
Community blogs of 04/30/09
Forum of the day: For Episode 100 I would like (podtoid)

Impressions: Burnout Paradise’s Cops and Robbers DLC
Preview: Diner Dash (Xbox 360)


Prince on Guitar Hero: ‘Oh’
Splinter Cell Conviction could hit retail this Christmas
Rockstar threatens us with Red Dead Redemption trailer
Fallout 3 gets patched, ‘Broken Steel’ coming very soon
Sony: PS3 will rule them all … just give us five years, k?
Guitar Hero Smash Hits gets its Guitar Hero III tracks
Left 4 Dead free trial available on Steam Friday [Update]
Where is Team Fortress 2 headed? Valve’s got an answer
Videogame addiction used to justify embezzlement
Peter Moore on PC: Shipping physical discs ‘isn’t working’
My Friends announced for DS, sounds sickening
Peggle hitting the App Store on May 12
Someone tapes something they shouldn’t have, Forza 3 confirmed
Guitar Hero Van Halen achievements reveal first details
Wii video service Wii-no-Ma could be coming overseas
U.S. game industry salary average is $79k, up 7 percent
Freebie alert: Dawn of War II soundtrack
Listen up, scumbags: Texas Cheat ‘Em dated for XBLA, PSN
World at War getting a second map pack

Nathan Spencer tries his robotic hand at middle management
Things you want: the Taito Bubble Bobble shirt

The soul always burn: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny screens
Brutal Legend screens are quite brutal, also legendary
‘Broken Steel’ looks as good as ever in these new screens
Finally: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years site goes live
Boom Blox Bash Party knocks over retail shevles on May 19
Preorder Little King’s Story and nab an Onii figure
Have a batch of Borderlands screens while I fap up a storm


Story: The Conduit has it, trailer reveals it
Fable II ‘See the Future’ DLC coming May 12 [Update]
Clover may appeal to gamers looking for the extraordinary
Radical details mission modes in this Prototype trailer
Batman breaks a leg in new Arkham Asylum trailer
Adventure 2600 Reboot : awesome and available for download

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