The Daily Hotness: I’m LATE! I’m LATE!

Apologies for the tardiness of these caps. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

On Tuesday, the Mass Effect 3 review was followed by some Metacritic firebombing and stock photo nonsense, Samit talked to Firaxis about XCOM, cross-plaform play was removed from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and UK’s GAME continues to circle the drain.

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Metacritic user reviews tear Mass Effect 3 to pieces
GAME won’t stock Street Fighter X Tekken, Asura’s Wrath
Resident Evil 6 will have an improved dialogue system
Loads of new games are coming to the eShop
Mass Effect 3 users being asked to create a new Shepard
War Inc. to become hybrid first- and third-person shooter
Cross-platform play removed from CS: Global Offensive
Renegade Kid’s next eShop game is about bombs and monkeys
Ridge Racer Unbounded gets pushed back
This new PSP value pack will give you the blues
Diabolical Pitch drops April 4 on Xbox Live Arcade
EU PS Plus subscribers start their journey on Wednesday
Inversion confirmed for a June 5th release

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