The Daily Hotness: I choo-choo-choose you

Everybody loves Destructoid and your loved one will love you even more if you give her the Destructoid Valentine’s Day card. They may even finally let you do that “thing” you’ve been wanting to always do with them. Bow chicka bow wow.

Nick interviewed the developers of The Conduit, Conrad lists the best stalking games, Jonathan Holmes found love at Comic Con, we previewed God of War III, and plenty more happened on 02/13/09. 

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Community Blogs of 02/13/09
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God of War III
The Sims 3

Chiaki Kuriyama promoting Resident Evil 5, excuse to post pictures of her
Nintendo reaffirms their overwhelming supremacy, in case you hadn’t noticed
Dragon Quest IX delay may push back Final Fantasy XIII
Microsoft opening up its own retail chain
Ex-Splatterhouse developer working on a new project
Fallout 3’s next DLC pack, The Pitt, will let you become a slave
Heads up, PC gamers: 50% off Left 4 Dead, 15% off GOG’s racing games
SFIV controllers will be hard to get, even if you pre-ordered
Activision wants to reclaim Brutal Legend, EA brings the smack talk
I’M A COMPUTA: G.I. Joe game to include the original PSAs
First major Dawn of War II patch coming on or around launch day

Kristen Kreuk fights a dude dressed up as Chun-Li at the movie premiere
Check it out playas! You be ballin with 10k Mario

The making of the Necromancer and Frost King from Castle Crashers
Altman be praised: Here’s what Dead Space looked like for the original Xbox
Squint your eyes to see what’s next for Pure developer Black Rock Studio
God of War III teaser trailer
Half-Life 2 fan made mini-series is absolutely amazing

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