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Microsoft had teased it awhile ago, but today they officially announced rewards for players with high Gamerscores. The more cynical among us will scoff that the reward results in Microsoft getting more money, but I side with Jordan on the matter. I’ve already surpassed the level needed for the highest discount, and I was going to continue to buy things on Xbox Live anyway, so now I get 2% back without having to do anything I wasn’t already doing.

Otherwise, Justin Amirkhani shared an interesting tale about a chance encounter, Audun Sorlie let us preview some of the music from the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and a ton of news came out on this fine Friday.

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A chance encounter
Friday Night Fights: Two games in one!
You’ll need a hand to upgrade Raiden in MGR: Revengeance
This weekend on Dtoid TV: Philantr0py returns with DOA 5
Exclusive: Sonic ASR Transformed music preview
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Community blogs of 9/28
Forum thread of the day: Borderlands 2

Konami reveals Metal Gear Rising special edition
Rainbow Moon coming to PS Vita in 2013
Zombies (and candy) coming to World of Keflings
EA re-releases FIFA 12 as FIFA 13 on Wii
Ubisoft wants free-to-play model in more $60 games
Earn Achievements to get rebates on Xbox Live purchases
The Binding of Isaac turns one, goes 75% off on Steam
Football Manager 2013 pre-orders come with beta access
DayZ standalone game coming by the end of this year
Total War: Shogun 2 gets better mod tools, Steam Workshop
Hey, potheads: 311 comes to the Rock Band Music Store
Metal Gear 25th anniversary music collection hits iTunes
Weekend PC download deals: 1C, Square Enix, Secret World

Mega64: Bayonetta 2’s on Wii U, time to kill yourself

Zone of the Enders HD comes next month in two flavors
Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo on PSN next week
Unboxing the four-disc Guild Wars 2 soundtrack
Paranormal Activity 4 is better with Kinect
18 minutes of Hitman: Absolution’s Contracts mode
Jetpack Joyride finally out on Android, and it’s free!
Play a round of XCOM: Enemy Unknown through YouTube
Here’s 17 minutes of Dead Space 3 gameplay
Here’s the Metal Gear Revengeance trailer in English

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