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This weekend on Dtoid TV: Philantr0py returns with DOA 5

2012-09-28 17:30:00·  4 minute read   ·  Rick KingFoom Olson@RickJamesTTV

After what seems like an eternity, everyone's favorite bearded broadcaster is back! Come by Dtoid.TV this Saturday, and help us give the one and only host of Chill With Phil, Philantr0py, an epic welcome home celebration. Join in on the action as he showcases Dead or Alive 5and plays a few rounds with the live crowd from his new abode. Beards, donks, and multiplayer, what more could you ask for?

Also, during tonight's edition of Friday Night Fights on Mash Tactics, we'll be hopping into the highly addictive Torchlight II and pillaging the land of all its loot with the viewers. Be sure to join in for that this evening, and don't miss Sup Holmes this Sunday, as Jonathan Holmes sits down with Derek Yu, designer of Spelunky. All that amazingness, and that's not even the half of our weekend content! 

Check out our full schedule for the weekend:

All times are Pacific
4pm - Mash Tactics
Tonight we'll be rocking some Torchlight II with the live crowd, since, you know, this time the online features are working and all. Get there and get in!

[Each weekday, join King Foom for an interactive journey of laughter and gaming as he plays titles new, old and downright weird in our flagship variety show. Themed episodes every day, including multiplayer viewer participation, in this community-focused program]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Kick off your shoes, grab a tasty beverage, and get ready to join in the action with AwDamn, as he busts out the now open beta for the amazing, Offensive Combat.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]

10am - Saturday Morning Hangover
Join in on the fun with Conrad and Jordan as they check out the second half of of the community-driven Indie Games Summer Uprising. Also, be sure to ask about TGS, I'm sure there has to be stories to tell....

[Ease the pain from the night before with a little schadenfreude as Destructoid's Conrad Zimmerman, Jordan Devore and the lovely Katrina play the week's Xbox Live Indie Games demos and beg for death's sweet embrace.]
12pm - Weekend Escape
OMG! Brett told us what he's playing this week, and thats pretty sweet! Join in with Brett and Cait this week as they hop into the exciting world of Borderlands 2.

[Hang out with Destructoid Contributors Brett Zeidler and Caitlin Cooke as they play through entire games with a focus on co-op. It's a safe bet that Caitlin is probably going to get mad at Brett for everything at some point.]
4pm - Chill with Phil
Guess who's back!? That's right, FINALLY, Phil, has come BACK, to Dtoid.TV!! Come hang out and welcome him back as he rocks a few rounds of DOA 5 with the live crowd. Donks and beards!

[Philanth0py hosts this relaxed show in which he performs full game (and series) playthroughs.]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Come watch this evening as AwDamn slaps on his super hero suit, and hides his secret identity, while slinging through the rooftops in The Amazing Spiderman.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]


1pm - Sup, Holmes?

The ever lovable Jonathan Holmes, is back from his break, with a pretty awesome guest. Join in the conversation as Holmes sits down with Derek Yu, designer of the viciously addictive game, Spelunky.

[Join Destructoid's most lovable Associate Editor, Jonathan Holmes, for interviews with his friends in the game industry. Participate in the live chat and get your questions answered]


4pm - Rad Show: Get There!
Johnny Luchador? Playing a wrestling game? Who'd have thunk it? Come watch, or get in on the insane action this afternoon as Lucha' rocks the face off of the recently released, Fire Pro Wrestling

[Starring Johnny Luchador, Super Fantastic Videogame Rad Show: Get There! takes a lighthearted approach to gaming, with the guys usually focusing more on breaking games for ridiculous results than accomplishing feats of skill.]
9am - The Sunday Show
Join Crux on the newly branded, The Sunday Show. Come by this week, and once again start your morning with some Dark Souls. If that doesn't wake you up, I don't know what to tell you.

[Retroactive centers around the games of yesteryear. Your host Crux adventures through nostalgic games on the consoles of his childhood.]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Max Payne 3 returns this evening as AwDamn closes out the week with a chilled out broadcast, and continues his current playthrough of this epic crime drama.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]

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