The Daily Hotness: Human Revolution

Wow. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is looking really good. I had zero interest in this title until the trailer and now I can’t wait for it. Kudos, Eidos.

Jim breaks his Optimus Prime toy, HAWP does The Sims, Dale checked out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Contra gets a spiritual sequel, inFamous 2 was announced and more happened on 06/04/10.

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Rock Band DLC: Deftones, Boys Like Girls, Crown of Thorns
Lord of the Rings Online going free-to-play this fall
Sega considering its own online pass system
Crackdown 2 is ‘finished’ which is nice
Activision reveals Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
GameStop doing the 50% extra trade-in credit thing again
Free App of the Day: 1112 Episode 1
Bodycount director Black: Killzone 2 was ‘a bit poo’
inFAMOUS 2 announced!
Target: Game sales, gift cards galore for Dad or you
Play the 2010 World Cup for free in FIFA Online
Wii gaming for health also works for old fatties
BioWare: Japanese RPG makers have grown complacent
Contra getting a spiritual sequel in Hard Corps: Uprising
LOLOLOLOL: LittleBigPlanet Heavy Rain costume pack
Demon’s Souls: $29.99 for a limited time
Indie shoot-’em-up Hydorah will put hair on your chest
Lost Planet 2 getting patched
Earthworm Jim HD out next week plus XBL deals and GoD

Smell like Cloud or Sephiroth

Trippy PSP Mini music title Vibes hits PSN next week
War for Cybertron: Hot screenshots, hotter trailer
Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets a gorgeous trailer
Video Games Live’s PBS special is going to be amazing
This is what Dead Space 2’s box art looks like
Battle system explained: Hexyz Force walkthrough video
PaRappa creator reveals music game for iPhone, iPod
Ready yourself for more live-action Alan Wake
Chainsaw massacres, anyone? Left 4 Dead 2 has your back

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