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What’s up!? Hotness is now served straight from San Francisco. What does that mean to all of you lovely people out there? NOTHING!

Behemoth’s next game is called BattleBlock, ‘Splosion Man is half price this week, Aliens vs. Predator demo hits this week, Heavy Rain is a gamble, we have Forums and more happened on 02/01/10.

Destructoid Originals:
THQ doesn’t care about sequels (but won’t turn ’em down)
Podtoid 136 is the beginning of a new recording date
New releases: White Night Chronicles, Star Trek & more
Forums, we have them: February edition
Monday Mind Teasers: Epsilon


Community blogs of 02/01/10
Forum of the day: Show me your gaming setup

Hustle Kings

Shoot 1UP deserves to be on your radar

Kojima: There is ‘no greater crime’ than a game delay
Sony: Heavy Rain is a ‘gamble’
Sega drops Vanquish hints, mentioned for PS3/PSP
Happy Valentine’s Day from Gears of War
Japan gets standalone 250GB Xbox 360 hard drive
UK Charts: Mass Effect 2 etcetera
Monster Hunter Tri bundle: Wii Speak, Classic Pro
Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 listed for October 2010
Nintendo DLC: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and more
Machinarium: Collector’s Edition revealed
THQ making Wheel of Fortune, JEOPARDY! games
Global Agenda launches today, free-to-play until March 3
Wild Arms devs teams with Square Enix for iPhone RPG
Dante’s Inferno can’t say ‘Go to Hell’ during Super Bowl
The ugly truth: I may not be good at videogames
BioShock 2 launch trailer to premiere on Jimmy Fallon
Aliens vs. Predator demo set to hit Xbox LIVE this week
Bungie shuts down Halo: Reach/Project Natal speculation
GNILLEY: A game about yelling like a lunatic
The Behemoth reveals … BattleBlock Theater
BioWare upsetting gay folk again, censoring LGBT talk
Get ‘Splosion Man for half price this week
PSN show The Tester gets a date, trailer, and Hal Sparks

Turning Japanese: DQ bar video
Pong goes 3D, fails


Knights in the Nightmare PSP screens are lovely
New Diablo III screens get their just deserts!
C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight enters into open beta
Aliens vs. Predator will definitely not suck
Living the Dream: Work in a virtual convenience store
Accio brickus: LEGO Harry Potter out in May
Bobby Lashley joins EA MMA roster

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