The Daily Hotness: Honor

Hype train go! Anyone excited?

Check out the first ten minutes of Alan Wake, Chad lists the hardest Mario levels, Valkyrie Profile 3 might be only on the PS3 and so much more wonderful rainbows shined down from upon the heavens and lighted the grass on fire thus killing off all of the dinosaurs.

Destructoid Originals:
Ten Minute Taste: Alan Wake
The ten most difficult Mario levels EVER!


Community blogs of 05/06/10
Forum of the day: Official Football/Soccer thread

Win Dementium II and Astro gaming headset!

Resident Evil 5 director won’t be doing RE6
Remixer Hyadain is actually a seasoned Japanese composer
Free App of the Day: Fly Kiwi, Fly!
Halo: Reach beta to open to Silver members on May 14th
Deadly Premonition sales cross the 50,000 mark
Bejeweled 2 coming to WiiWare
Steam Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization 5 announced
There are no words for this Activision/Bungie video
Champions Online devs to reveal new MMO this summer
Dev: Piracy a natural reaction to high videogame prices
Surprise: Medal of Honor is getting the beta treatment
Ninokuni finally gets dated for Japan
Sony and Kevin Butler WOULD LIKE to send you to E3 2010
Rumortoid: Valkyrie Profile 3 for PS3 only
Things on Wheels debuting on XBLA next week
Oh My God: Distant Worlds II Final Fantasy CD is amazing
Silent Hill 2 movie begins filming in late spring
Not a dream: Civilization IV: Complete Edition for $10
Infinity Ward to release second MW2 map pack this year
DS finally outsells Game Boy, best-selling handheld ever
Actor Sir Ben Kingsley is in Fable III
George Romero wants to make a game, talked with Capcom
Epic Mickey hitting bookstands, too
Download the ‘Winner’s Path’ from HeartGold/SoulSilver
EA will take Monopoly to the streets, yo
Infinity Ward is working on its ‘next big project’

Sengoku Basara toys are things that exist
If Super Mario Bros was a Facebook game…

Soldner X-2 arriving on PS3 May 25th
Listen up, iPhone owners: Pix’n Love Rush looks oh so rad
Medal of Honor trailer gets me right here
He is a gentleman. He is macho. He is Gentlemacho!
Transformers: War for Cybertron trailer is like hot sex
The House of Sam is very… wow
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom has even more screens
Comic the Jumper: the second art style revealed
Persona 3 Portable video shows off all the new additions
Baby Maker Extreme is extreme, light on baby making
Jake G. can’t stand still: New Prince of Persia trailer
New level and fixes comes to Trine PC

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