The Daily Hotness: Holmes was in a movie

That’s right, Destructoid’s very own Jonathan Holmes was in a short film. A crime musical short film called March, to be exact. I can’t even find info about it online anywhere. Granted, I only did a quick search. I had no idea this was a thing until community member Radiopools showed me it earlier. Cookie to whoever digs this one out from deep within the internet.

Speaking of earlier, Aliens: Colonial Marines and DmC were pushed back to 2013, Diablo III may have been hacked, Jim reviewed Dragon’s Dogma, Bungie’s future plans were revealed, and so much more happened on 5/21/2012.

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We’re giving away four copies of Dragon’s Dogma tomorrow!

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E3 2012:
Nintendo E3 2012 news to come from all directions

Aliens: Colonial Marines pushed to February 12, 2013
Elder Scrolls Online will offer a single player story
Payday: The Heist crossing over with Left 4 Dead
Carbon now testing AirMech on Steam, you can help
TERA Online’s Political System explained
Dungeonbowl pre-orders include early access and more
David Cage: Games focus too much on violence
Diablo III allegedly hacked as gold and items get stolen
Rumor: New Castlevania game outed by Dutch site
More characters confirmed for Playstation All-Stars
DmC now coming January 2013, PC version in the works too
Concept art for Awesomenauts shows a very different game
Bungie/Activision 2010 contract lays out release plans
Violet battles Zerg, sickness to take first at MLG

Retro Game Master show comes to US on September 18
Jimquisition: Whining About Diablo III
Fan made patch gives Shaq-Fu the comedy treatment

Aliens: Colonial Marines gets a scream-flavored trailer
BioShock 2 developer talks designs and dream games
Here’s how the tech of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks
La-Mulana still may head to WiiWare in Europe/USA
Here’s what Retro City Rampage looks like on the Vita
An Eden for the rest of us: CCP shines light on Dust 514

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