The Daily Hotness: He’s covered wars

Frank West is also our Badass of the Month, you know?. Be honored Capcom. Be very honored.

Samit checked out LEGO Rock Band, Nick reviewed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo 5 ain’t got nothing on Forza 3, Mass Effect 2 isn’t coming to the PS3 still and more thrilling amazing magical ducks happened on 10/12/09. 

Destructoid Originals:
’90+%’ of LEGO Rock Band’s songs are exportable (Update)
LEGO Rock Band export won’t be as cheap as RB1 (Update)
Family-friendly Rock Band DLC playable in LEGO Rock Band
New releases: Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend and more
Badass of the month club: Frank West
Monday Mind Teasers: Tank Search


Nothing is sacred: Quick Time Events
Community blogs of 10/12/09
Forum of the day: Fighting game stories

You, Me and the Cubes
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

LEGO Rock Band

Rockstar to host Beaterator music parties in PS Home
Starcraft fan Zerg rushes teenage girl with kitchen knife
Scivelation announced for Xbox 360/PS3 (it’s a shooter)
Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings are incorrect, says EA
Avatar bullsh*t coming for Modern Warfare 2
Bayonetta dev isn’t gay, thinks Itagaki is an idiot
Luc Bernard: DLC is like ‘raping the customer’
Cryptic provides a comic creator for Champions faithful
UK Charts: FIFA 10 is still on top, obviously
Facebook/Twitter 360 update confirmed/unconfirmed Nov 17
Nintendo DLC Update: Final Fight 2 and stuff
Get your zoom on: ModNation Racers beta is in action
You sunk my Battleship! Hasbro games half off on XBLA
TvC:UAS character count and sleazy quote get ESRB-nounced
God of War PSP dev creates new console game engine
Savage Moon crawling towards the PlayStation Portable
World of Warcraft film written by Saving Private Ryan guy
Wii Exercise Bike is going nowhere, works with Mario Kart
On XBLA this week: Sam & Max Season Two, Axel & Pixel
Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements confirm all campaigns
Tesla Roadster looks like it’s from Dark Void, win one
Turn 10: Gran Turismo 5 ain’t got nothing on Forza 3


Portable gaming in a game
Huge Breast Fantasy gives free boobs away
Lil’ Wayne has a modded Xbox?
Power Wheels car modded into the Warthog car from Halo
Plastic Chris Redfield still jacked, still ready to kill


XBLA-bound Capsized revealed with moving pictures
Lead and Gold screens appear again, show purty colors
This is how you pitch Prince of Persia to Disney
Dust 514 trailer is Haloriffic
Leaked vid shows The Saboteurs pre-order blade in action
Protect your USBs precious info with the Konami code
3D Dot Game Heroes goes gold, sprite statues rejoice
Dragon Age: Origins launch trailer is seriously badass
Army of Two dudes still mixing it up with real people
Gran Turismo 5 is still happening, still looks amazing
LOL WUT: Dreamkiller out now on Steam, still confuses me

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