The Daily Hotness: HD collections are my weakness

Check out everything Destructoid did today

Oh my glob, it’s beautiful. Lately, it doesn’t matter if I already own it, I’ve been buying up HD collections, and the rerelease of Wind Waker is next on my list. Oh hells yeah.

Tons happened today too. Lots was revealed on the Nintendo Direct thingy today, THQ is no more and other companies now control many of its IPs, Joseph reviewed the newest Borderlands 2 expansion, and more hit Dtoid today…

Destructoid Originals:
RPGs on Wii U: Nintendo really gets it now
An aural tour with the composer of Nintendo Land, part 2

Community blogs of 1/23
Forum thread of the day: South Park: The Game
Bloggers Wanted: Let’s get sexy

Nintendo Direct:
Nintendo Direct: Miiverse to incorporate verification
Wii U getting Spring/Summer updates, Virtual Console
Nintendo Direct: Iwata details new Miiverse functionality
Nintendo’s Miiverse comes to smartphones
Virtual Console trials coming to Wii U
Iwata: Wait for just a little longer for Smash Bros. info
Yoshi’s Epic Yarn coming to Wii U
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem HOLY SHSHHSHSHSHSH
The Wonderful 101 has waterslides
The Wind Waker Reborn coming in HD to Wii U!
Xeno-something is coming for Wii U and I want it
Wii U gets a new party game from makers of Wii Party
Here’s everything that happened at Nintendo Direct
Nintendo announces new 3D Mario game, Mario Kart
Platinum Games offers an early look at Bayonetta 2
Lookin’ good there, Pikmin 3!

Review: Borderlands 2 ‘Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt’

Taliban: Prince Harry’s mental for comparing games to war
Tales producer sees Japan going back to its roots
Persona 4 Golden jumps through European TVs this February
Dead Space 3 will have a bare-bones PC version
THQ auction over, Relic goes to SEGA [Update]
Japan finally gets EarthBound on VC, rest of us don’t
Call of Duty: Black Ops II gets another double XP weekend
THQ is done, all assets sold off
Vigil Games’ lead combat designer says his goodbyes
Report: WWE license picked up by Take-Two Interactive

Bowser finally gets an upgrade
Real-life Mario Kart with REAL WORKING ITEMS OH SNAP
Rockman Forever album will put you in a ‘trance’
I helped a girl take a piss in Ni No Kuni

See how Ubisoft made Far Cry 3
This video teaches you about Fire Emblem’s class system
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen launches April 23
Let’s see what you all did in The Walking Dead episode 5
DmC: Devil May Cry gets a prequel comic
Two new Skylanders Giants enter the fray
Crysis 3 open multiplayer beta starts next week
Firefall begins weekend open beta testing
New Defiance trailer and pre-order bonuses detailed
First look at Eden Industries’ new RPG, Citizens of Earth
Trailer talks up what’s new in Terraria for consoles

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