The Daily Hotness: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a kitten! Hope your Valentine’s Day was as lovely as mine.

Today, a Vita-themed Office Chat happened, a partially-Vita-themed DTOID Show happened, reviews for about sixty thousand Vita games went live — a Twisted Metal review snuck in there too — reminding me of how much I want my Vita to arrive (as well as copies of Lumines, Rayman Origins Vita, and Touch my Katamari!, among other games), and more. Seriously, just look down and see all the things we have for you to read and watch. Destructoid, keeping you company on Valentine’s Day since 1968!

Destructoid Original:
The DTOID Show: PS Vita round-up with Dale North!
The DTOID Show: Max’s Twisted Metal Review
Live show: Twisted Metal and Undisputed 3 on Mash Tactics
Office Chat: Matters of Vita or death
Team Fortress 2sdays: Make love, THEN war
Podtoid records today for a minute
Everyone was beautiful at the Rhythm Heaven Fever launch
DTOID Extra: our Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer impressions


Community blogs of 2/14
Forum thread of the day: The Official Resident Evil Thread
These Dtoiders are dead ringers for famous game devs


Make some fanart, win a boss Infinity Blade II headset!
Contest: Win a copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2

Review: Touch My Katamari
Review: Rayman Origins (Vita)
Review: Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Review: Army Corps of Hell
Review: Twisted Metal
Review: Analogue: A Hate Story
Review: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D, Tactic3D Omega


Preview: Slicing samurai in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

New report alleges that eShop cleared $11 million in 2011
Gotham City Impostors allegedly wiping profiles and DLC
Rockstar: ‘Don’t count out’ another L.A. Noire game
A countdown for MechWarrior Tactics appears
Skyrim Workshop hits 2 million mod downloads in a week
Anno 2070 is going green
Star Wars: The Old Republic spreading to more regions
Killing Floor & Dungeon Defenders have sold a million


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron inspires new Bruticus toy
What is your favorite videogame romance?
Can I interest you in this $100 Team Fortress 2 item?
More like ‘wincest,’ am I right, Egoraptor!? Up high!


Darksiders 2 launches June 26, pre-order stuff revealed
A slice of the next Mass Effect 3 trailer
Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens show purple Sonic, bonus stage

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