The Daily Hotness: Hail to the King

We may never get Duke Nukem Forever, but we at least have this fan-film to make up for the void that was left behind.

Anthony will sue you, Conrad looks at some games that would benefit the next Grand Theft Auto, Brad checked out Max & the Magic Marker, the 2010 IGF finalists have been announced, Tony Hawk just wants some friends and more happened on 12/04/09.

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Community blogs of 01/04/09
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Drawing is fundamental in Max & the Magic Marker

Overpriced wireless adapter less overpriced on Amazon
Elaborate packaging “always makes sense” for AAA games
Drug fugitive caught thanks to Warcraft addiction
Darwinia+ confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade
Like it or not, Yakuza 3 gets voiceovers [update]
Are you a serial killer? Have a Wii!
PS3 Slim was the biggest news of 2009, allegedly
Sony expects 3D television to blow up in 2012
UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 ushers in 2010
Square Enix wants to ‘lead global entertainment’ in 2010
Naughty Dog: The PS3 is a bottomless pit
Capcom worried about anti-videogame ‘smear campaigns’
Nintendo DLC: Final Fight 3, Hell’s Kitchen Vs.
The 2010 IGF finalists are looking mighty fine
Tony Hawk will be your friend if you play Tony Hawk: Ride
This week only: Half off A Kingdom for Keflings
Amazon has Tatsunoko vs. Capcom cheap, gives $10 bonus
39% of British parents let kids play adult games
Sakaguchi working on a ‘blockbuster,’ also iPhone game
Def Leppard to be in a game
Kill 255 of your closest friends in the MAG beta today
Avatar’s smoking character is a criticism of gamers
ESRB: Muscle March has FLEXED GLUTEUS!
Will Microsoft ditch spacebucks for real money?
Hollywood working on an Earthbound movie

Duke Nukem fans keeping the faith with Forever film
Bow before the awesomeness of Koopa Troopa guitar

Dark Void Zero coming to DSi, looks exactly like Mega Man

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