The Daily Hotness: GUN SHOES!

One of the best new weapons of the year? Gun shoes. Hands down.

Dexter brought us more stuff on the Prince of Persia movie, GTA IV isn’t helping anime, Anthony has dibs on Nick in Left 4 Dead 2, we’re giving away a huge Modern Warfare 2 prize pack, bonus stages return to Super Street Fighter IV and more happened on 11/04/09.

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Community blogs of 11/04/09
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We’re giving away an Xbox 360, Modern Warfare 2 & more!

This sounds necessary: A videogame based on The Host 2
Bonus stages coming to Super Street Fighter IV
Spector tried to obtain Deus Ex, planned a successor
Miyamoto talks MotionPlus for next Zelda game
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom trading cards!?! Yes! Pre-order now!
Konami to publish Ninety Nine Nights 2 in America?
Suck down this Fable III concept art
Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi frowns on Japanese gamers
Infinity Ward: Wii can’t deliver a cinematic experience
Seriously: Attorney opens
Shocker: Crazy Christian game selling well in the South
Nintendo and Treasure execs pooh-pooh the N64
IW responds to MW2 petition, servers capped at 9v9
Braid bringing rewind potions to PS3 next week
GameStop says PSPgo story is ‘far from over’
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks bonus: Feather stylus
Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack is huge, awesome
UK Modern Warfare 2 advert has guns in it
Ex-Midway producer accuses execs of forcing multiplayer
No Doubt suing Activision over appearance in Band Hero
American McGee’s Alice trailer was a cheeky fake
Play as Special Infected in the L4D2 demo because you can
BlazBlue is coming to the PSP
Super SFIV’s Juri used to be cute and fat (like a baby)
Capcom talks Lost Planet 2 multiplayer battles, we listen
These blurry Tekken movie set photos are kinda LOL
The Rock Band 2 SE bundle for $99? Consider it done
Atlus replacing strategy guides for Demon’s Souls
Mickey remains silent in Epic Mickey plus sequel talk
Modern Warfare 2 Avatar nonsense hits Xbox Live tomorrow

Japan Studios’ Numblast heading to PSN this Thursday
Bayonetta gets her gun-shoe freak on in new trailer
UK news report on game addiction clinic upsets gamers
Fast Food Panic brings back some tough memories
New Darksiders trailer is pretty kick-ass
Left 4 Dead 2 gets another sexy TV spot
Check out Cloud and Hatsune Miku in 3D Dot Game Heroes
Altair and Ezio are different says latest dev diary
Dragon Rising DLC announced, detailed, and dated
Eminem drops rhymes over new Modern Warfare 2 trailer

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