The Daily Hotness: Gotta go fast!

Jim, I actually do use Sonic the Hedgehog in my exercise routine. You can’t argue with these results!

Today, Allistair Pinsof does some snooping to discover the current whereabouts of several promising indie games, Jordan Devore takes Trials Evolution for a ride, and Nintendo drops a number of nifty nuggets during the Nintendo Direct stream, including the announcement of New Super Mario Bros. 2.

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Friday Night Fights: Hey, some games without guns!
Weekend PC download deals: Square Enix and Mount & Blade
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Community blogs of 4/20
Forum thread of the day: Trials Evolution

Review: Trials Evolution

Atlus saves Dragon’s Crown from from the crucible
Rumor: Prey 2 actually delayed due to developer strike
GameStop prices 160GB PS3 at $199.00, $50 off
Ryan Payton’s Republique needs your help
Gambitious: Game-based Kickstarter to launch at E3
Help SpellTower take down Angry Birds, Draw Something
Diablo III open beta weekend starts today
Microsoft’s Xbox division loses $229 million
This Binding of Isaac expansion poster is such a tease
MLG StarCraft II Spring Arena I airs [Updated] now!
Dead Space dev: Gears of War has the worst writing
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 headed to iPhone next week
Console versions of Risen 2 hit with a delay
Cortana and the Chief appear in these Halo 4 screenshots
Harley Quinn DLC hinted at for Batman: Arkham City
3DS update on 4/25 to bring folder file management

This map of the entire Mushroom Kingdom is GLORIOUS!
If Anders Breivik used COD to train to be a killer …

DiRT Showdown arriving on May 29th, have a trailer
Super Monkey Ball decides to get a bit naughty
Crysis 3 teases us with a teasing teaser trailer
Here’s a Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer trailer for you
Soul Sacrifice gets a teaser trailer with English subs
New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming to 3DS in August

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