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So, Denis Dyack put together a lengthy video to establish how he’s not scamming the people supporting his Kickstarter. What do you think? I’d have an opinion on it myself but I fell asleep after the first three minutes.

On this fine Monday in May, Dale is scared to marathon The Last of Us, we asked if publishers should try to profit from user-created video, Jim reviewed Resident Evil: Revelations for the Wii U, we checked out tons of games from pre-E3, and so many more things happened on 5/20/2013.

Destructoid Originals:
Batman and Joker have new voice actors in Arkham Origins 
I want to marathon The Last of Us but I’m scared 
Should publishers try to profit from user-created videos? 
Live show: Don’t call it a Lollipop Chainsaw speedrun 

Community blogs of 5/20
Forum thread of the day: Gran Turismo 6
You’ve (probably) already turned Japanese 
Seven ‘Xbox Reveal’ predictions that will totally happen 

Review: Resident Evil Revelations (Wii U) 
Review: Plants vs. Zombies Adventures 
Review: Reus 

Killzone: Mercenary is the FPS the Vita has been needing 
Tearaway is a must-own for the PlayStation Vita 
Gran Turismo 6: A peek under the hood 
The odds are against you in Batman: Arkham Origins 

Denis Dyack promises he isn’t scamming you 
Warner Bros. announces Preorder DLC: Origins! 
Shadow Warrior reboot announced for PC, next-gen 
Nintendo Download Europe: Kirby and Donkey Kong 
Nintendo apes Kickstarter with Wario’s Crowdfarter 
Here are the answers to the GOG Ubisoft contest!  
McLaren hints at next Xbox announcement 
New FIFA to be shown tomorrow during Xbox event 
New releases: Monkey around in Donkey Kong 3D 
Former EA CEO calls for gamer-centric focus for next-gen 
Ex-GTA producer won’t make another ultra-violent game 
Microsoft trademarks game feature ‘Forzavista’ 
Next Nintendo Direct will discuss new Smash Bros and more 
Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick 3 is free on Steam today 
10 games bundled with all their DLC discounted on PSN 

Jimquisition: Guns Blazing 
This custom Trials Evolution track boggles the mind 
Hop through time with the fifth Mega Man comic collection 

This Yakuza 1 & 2 Wii U trailer has me nostalgic 
Our first blurry look at the PlayStation 4 
Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s co-op is where it’s at 
MOBA Dawngate looks mostly familiar in first footage 
Hardware: Shipbreakers’ Baserunner 
Surviving The Last of Us won’t be easy 

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