The Daily Hotness: Glory lasts forever

Sean Bean, everybody! Hope you all aren’t allergic to spoilers.

Jim got his groove back, yet another industry veteran left for Zynga, there was much groaning as a result of Netflix appearing on 3DS in its current form, and more happened on 7/14/11.

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Playing tag in Driver: San Francisco
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Bethesda: No demo for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Team Bondi: Ex-staff members want to ‘destroy’ studio
Sony man thinks PSN hack was ‘a really good time’
App Store prices raised in UK, lowered in Australia
NBA Jam creator leaves EA for Zynga
Naughty Dog: PS3 and PS Vita does everything Wii U can do
Nintendo DLC: Netflix, Rickrolls and pixel cars
Katamari creator Keita Takahashi to work on MMO Glitch
Konami asks: Which classics should come to PSN and XBLA?
Zelda producer wants to make something that’s not Zelda
Crytek: PS Vita might launch ‘too late’ to succeed
Former BioWare artist announces Emissary of War for iOS
The Cursed Crusade: Date, price, cover art and more
LucasArts: Star Wars Galaxies not a sustainable business
BloodRayne: Betrayal unleashed August 30
id talks weaponry in new Rage trailer, The Arsenal
GamersFirst responds to APB Reloaded retail rumors
Buy two games from Amazon, get one free
Call of Duty: Elite beta kicks off for Xbox 360
It sounds like Assassin’s Creed 3DS isn’t happening

New screens for Jeklynn Heights are looking hot
Metro: Last Light gets first public video demonstration
Get wound up for this Super Pokemon Scramble video
House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut pics, details!
More Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC coming, have some screens
Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens: Worst military suits ever
Your first look at Chemical Plant in Sonic Generations
New Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard art
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Binary Domain shows off its core weapons in a trailer
Take a solo ride through Driver: San Francisco

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