The Daily Hotness: Glory days

Over 100 PSOne Classics are reportedly coming to Vita next week, which has me stoked. I love my Vita and while there are still newer games out for it I haven’t picked up yet, I’m excited to scroll through the Classics list, indulge in some mild nostalgia and impulse buy a bunch of games. Here’s hoping Vagrant Story and Legend of Dragoon make the cut. Have been having an urge to play them and though I have the discs for both, having them on the Vita, portable, might give me the impetus to get into one while I wait for Persona 4: The Golden with increasing impatience. 

Cat pictured because it’s super cute and sort of looks like me.

Today, Jim rolled out his Transformers: Fall of Cybertron review, ex-Vigil Games employee Andy Modrovich shed light on the all too common practice of developers leaving contributors off of credits, Hamza talked with the lead class designer of Firefall about how fan feedback shaped the game, Abel Girmay got his boogie on in a Dance Central 3 preview, and more!

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