The Daily Hotness: Give this dog a receipt

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This video is cute and everything, but it’s a little sad to see the dog in the background. He seems so jealous of the main dog. When will he get his chance to shine and show off his talent? He didn’t even get a treat at the end!

Today, no one was surprised to see SSX was getting an online pass, the FRC made some bold claims about The Old Republic, Harry explained how to survive our first night in Terraria and so much more happened on 1/30/2012.

Destructoid Original:
How to survive your first night in Terraria
Live show: Mash Tactics ‘Season 2’ starts today
Nudity: TtWaV album gets new tracks, temporary price drop
The DTOID Show: Fat Mega Man, bad Zynga & Ace Attorney 5

Bloggers Wanted: Improvement
Location: The cold and the beautiful
Community blogs of 1/30
Forum thread of the day: Sexy Ass Nerd Valentines That Will Get You Laid

Preview: Devil Survivor 2 is great, has high-set boobs
Hands-on: Quad-wielding with The Darkness II

Shocker: SSX has an online pass
Binding of Isaac nears 450,000 sold mark
FRC: The Old Republic is full of homosexual activists
Sony exec: Monster Hunter Vita scheduled for this year
Nintendo tests DSi text-to-speech in Japanese classrooms
Facebook IPO filing this week, valued above $75 bil.
No new Xbox: Microsoft says ‘Nothing new in 2012’
PSA: Susan Panico leaves her post at US PSN
Standalone Pearl Pink 3DS coming February 10
Cloning continues: Zynga accused of copying another game
Square Enix secret team working on an unannounced title
Rovio CEO: Piracy can bring about more business
Nintendo talks more downloadable content
Resident Evil for Game Boy Color to be leaked for $2,000
Bloomberg: The real cost of being a videogamer is $17,077
EA explains what SSX’s online pass will entail
Dance Central 2’s February DLC lineup: Cee-Lo, LMFAO
Ain’t neva gonna do it without the Fez on…XBLA
Everquest is thirteen and free

Jimquisition: Trying to kill piracy makes it stronger
Okay, now THIS is a Zelda fan animation!

Man vs. Machine proves 999-player multiplayer is possible
Madden NFL 12 says Giants will be Super Bowl XLVI champs
Namco helps graffiti-up East London with SoulCalibur V
King Arthur II: The once and future king returns today
Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker releasing in Spring 2012

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