The Daily Hotness: Give me MediEvil 3

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If I have one bone to pick with Sony, it’s that I’ve been waiting over a decade for MediEvil 3. I half-heartedly joked Sir Daniel Fortesque’s appearance in PlayStation: All Stars Battle Royale could lend the hilarious, endearing series an arm in finally getting the sequel it deserves. With the announcement that Bluepoint is bringing a Sony classic to current hardware, my heart is a flutter. I’d commit all kinds of skullduggery to make it true, though there are obviously a lot of games ripe to be brought back from the dead. None so charming and valiant, though.

Today, Chris Carter delivered a quick guide to the excellent Dragon’s Crown, we launched a contest to get Dragon’s Crown and a bunch of extras, Hidden Path unveiled the new, amazing-looking Windborne, we had some Tales cosplay for you to peep, Hamza hunted sharks in an Assassin’s Creed preview, and more!

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