The Daily Hotness: Girls Gone Assassins

Shortly after posting the Girls Gone Wild review of Tench Shadow Assassins, the video was taken off Youtube. Lucky for all of us, someone uploaded the video onto Daily Motion. Enjoy it while it’s still around!

Ross unveils Fanboy Friday, Samit checks out Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Spiders are worth more than Xbox 360s, Halo Wars has gone gold, Onechanbara is hot, and plenty more happend on 01/23/09.

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C Blogs of 01/23/09

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Win Twisted Pixel’s Xbox LIVE Arcade game, The Maw

Canned Stuntman Wii game featured the ‘Queen of Stunt Vehicles,’ a tricycle
Rumortoid: Space Invaders Extreme 2 in the works?
Fight the creators of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe tonight
2008: retail videogames outsold DVD and Blu-ray
Criterion details upcoming Burnout Paradise update with store, restarts, more
Pachter: Sony not cutting price in 2009 ‘would be a mistake’
Skate 2 DLC lets you pay to have the game played for you
Angry baby’s reaction to lack of plans for a US release of Yakuza 3
Resident Evil 5: El Gigante is back, and he’s pissed
Terminator MMO being considered by Halcyon Games
Study: Everything about videogames is bad
DS gets direction-sensing for star gazing title
Guitar Hero: Metallica ESRB listing reveals songs
Resistance 2 getting a Leviathan sized patch, Stalker will be able to move
PS3 ‘Fallout 3’ post-conclusion play patch not happening … yet

Resident Evil 5 action figures available for pre-order
Spiders > Xbox 360s, according to criminals
GameStop puts employees in fat suits, people rush to buy fitness games

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection makes you work for Altered Beast
Uncharted 2 screens look exactly how you’d expect. This is a good thing
Savage Moon coming to PlayStation Network, Europe got something first
Yakuza 3’s karaoke minigame isn’t what you’re thinking
Home getting a Cafe space, needs with name
Atlus drops hint at a new Shin Megami Tensei game with this picture

As expected, Monsters vs. Aliens trailer has monsters, also aliens
Um, OK: Girls Gone Wild reviews Tenchu Shadow Assassins
Asian girls, you need to f*ck this zombie dude, says Onechanbara
Resistance: Retribution gameplay videos reminds us to charge our PSPs
Halo Wars goes gold, Microsoft celebrates with documentary, screens, demo
F.E.A.R. 2 promotional trailer has a hot nurse in it, also gameplay
House of the Dead: Overkill gets gory trailer and a load of swag
When Nostalgia Attacks: Pole’s Big Adventure video
Even more from Onechanbara TV, because you haven’t suffered enough

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