The Daily Hotness: Get your PAX tickets before it’s too late

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A ton of PAX 2009 details were revealed earlier today. The musical groups are set, over 60 exhibitors will be at the show and it’s going to be an all around great time. PAX 2009 is limited this year though, so you better get your passes before it’s too late!

I brought you a preview of BioShock 2, the Game Boy turns 20, World of Warcraft gets even more addictive, FUEL is looking hot and plenty more happened on 04/23/09.

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BioShock 2
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PAX 2009 details announced, two new bands added

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Shooter Star Trek D-A-C coming to Xbox Live, PSN, PC
Baby shaking game pulled from iPhone store
Lionhead might reveal a new IP at E3
Six-year-old boy asks King to change his name to Sonic X
Bad reviews made Force Unleashed devs unhappy
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Sony promise ‘electrifying’ April 27 announcement
Oh, Microsoft: Lode Runner mispriced, customers insulted
Jim Lee doing cover art for upcoming issue of Gears comic
Best Buy to go crazy with huge $10 game sale
Happy 20th birthday, Game Boy
BioShock 2’s music will sound familiar, rejoice
Assassin’s Creed iPhone on the App Store right now
ESRB demands Ninja Gaiden II launch trailer removed
The Conduit is hitting store shelves June 23
Fable II ‘See the Future’ Achievements revealed

Sleep with your eyes open: the Golgo13 eyemask
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No joke: Play as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum (Update)
Rabbids Go Home gives Rabbid logo a new look
NCAA Football 10 gets multiple cover athletes
Is this an exclusive sneak peek at the new Bit.Trip game?
IRL is dead: World of Warcraft gets Peggle
The EA Sports Complex now available in Home


Digital download Battlefield 1943 will cost you $15
FUEL has a ridiculous GPS, this video proves it
Cute cat and ugly pig star in Monster Hunter G Wii TV ad
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Huxley: The Dystopia gets a new teaser site, we are teased
Check out this Wolverine dev diary about location, bub
Happy families play Let’s Tap, trailer proves it

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