The Daily Hotness: Gary Oldman is a screamer

Gary Oldman belts some out-of-context videogame chatter for Conan’s audience. This man, my friends, is a high-class ac-TOR! Such powerful vocals!

Today, Holmes has some Talking to Women about Videogames goodies for y’all, Sonic Generations for 3DS is given the Scratch and Grounder treatment, the Entertainment Software Association can go suck it, and the dating sim featuring disabled girls is finally out and I’m gonna play it and you can’t stop me.

Destructoid Original:
Behold! The TtWaV videos, album, and contest ALL FOR YOU
Live show: Mash Tactics runs from the shadows in Ico
Office Chat: The ESA is a smoke screen for SOPApillas
Max and Tara play NFL Blitz, fail miserably
The DTOID Show: Xbox Live Tattoos, ME3 guns, & Vita Sales

Community blogs of 1/4
Forum thread of the day: Music you’ve gotten into for unusual reasons?

Review: Sonic Generations (3DS)

Surviving the first two hours of Silent Hill: Downpour

Disabled girl dating sim Katawa Shoujo is out now
Japanese retailers allegedly cutting PS Vita prices
ESA bad, ECA good
Angry Birds: 6.5 million downloads on Christmas Day
Patent points to next Xbox having DVR functions
North Americans can download Zen Pinball 3D next week
Microsoft Flight will be free starting this spring
New rules: Xbox Live Indie Games can be bigger, cost less
Razer’s Project Fiona set to be revealed January 10th
Choplifter HD confirmed for XBL and PSN release next week
Loincloths and dual wielding in Dungeon Defenders
DC Universe Online: Inventors welcome
Yu Suzuki says he can get the Shenmue license from SEGA
Turn-based MMO Wakfu enters open beta
Capcom statement backs ESA support of SOPA

Okay, here’s the REALLY REAL Zelda timeline, for realsies
Half-Life movie mock-up posters are Batman-y

Dancing in SWTOR turns players into God
Mass Effect 3 pre-order gear revealed
Mega Man Christmas Carol II brings back holiday vengeance
NFL Blitz has made its return, now on PSN and XBLA
Syndicate’s new co-op trailer has some heat
SoulCalibur V goes gold, explodes in a shower of images

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