The Daily Hotness: Game of the Year 2011

Portal 2

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag. Portal 2 is Destructoid’s Game of the Year 2011! It wasn’t my personal vote for Game of the Year, but now that I think about it Portal 2 definitely deserves it and I’m glad to see it won. It was an amazing year for games, so here’s to what’s in store for us in 2012.

Other than our GOTY winner, the Steam Winter Sales started today, there was a good amount of talk about the PSVita and so many more amazing things happened on 12/19/11.

Destructoid Original:
Bloggers Wanted: Giving
The winner of Destructoid Game of the Year 2011
Watch us play All Zombies Must Die! with Anthony Carboni
The DTOID Show: Tara Long’s Pokémon Nightmare

Community blogs of 12/19
Forum thread of the day: Why’s Morrowind being all creepypasta? 🙁

25 Days: Win ten PlayArts Kai videogame figures!

Review: Bug Princess

Preview: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
Twisted Metal: A different kind of multiplayer game

CES 2012:
Nintendo is bringing Wii U to CES 2012

Some Heavy Rain Move Editions missing advertised content
Star Wars: The Old Republic has biiiiiiiiig server queues
PS Vita buyers report freezing/touch screen problems
Sega’s holiday sale for PSN, XBLA, and App Store
PS Vita is not that much bigger than PSP, also innards
Skyrim becomes the UK’s Christmas number one
PS Vita can’t charge via USB port (Update: It can!)
PS Vita did not sell out in Japan, but memory cards did
Check out Harmonix live stream for Child’s Play charity
The holiday 2011 Steam sale is on
Tri-Ace worked on Final Fantasy XIII-2
Half-off your last minute games at Amazon
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’s arcade mode, Q1 ’12 date
How to make GBA games on your 3DS not look like ass
OMG: Jetpack Joyride free on iOS devices right now!
Is Battlefield 2143 next? Possible hint found in BF3
PS Vita bilinear filtering makes PSP games look better
King of Fighters XIII patch still coming, new details
Just Dance 3 boasts some impressive stats
PlayStation Vita sells 321,407 units in its first week

Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76 fan film f*cked up a good thing
The Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously
Mega Man #12 comic cover is… I see what you did there!
Blame Mario Paint for brentalfloss’ career

Stabby ninja blood-blood: Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshots
Simper over this Theatrhythm Final Fantasy trailer
Square Enix 3DS RPG Bravely Default looks lovely
New releases: Star Wars: TOR, Postal III and more
Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! is a PSP game
This DmC trailer is hiding a secret

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