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Today Jim reviewed Resident Evil: Revelations, PSN doesn’t want to be PSN anymore, Alphadeus released the second volume of the Destructoid Community album and so many more amazing things happened on 2/6/2012.

Destructoid Original:
DTOID Exclusive: Adam WarRock’s Mass Effect EP
Live show: SoulCalibur V on Mash Tactics
New Releases: Kingdoms of Amalur, The Darkness II, & more
The DTOID Show: Creation Kit, MGS HD on the Vita, & SEN?!

Bloggers Wanted: Training
Destructoid Community Album Volume 2
Community blogs 2/6
Forum thread of the day: Reasons why Zombie Platypus is awesome

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

PSN will become Sony Entertainment Network this Tuesday
Xitol Softworks reveals Zone The Battleground concept art
Skyrim Creation Kit finally out tomorrow
Resident Evil Game Boy Color’s fundraiser is complete
PS Vita firmware update 1.60 released
BioWare apologizes for sh*tty Mass Effect novel
Naughty Dog considered a PS3 Jak & Daxter, passed on it
Volition dev would love a console that kills used games
Final Fantasy X will be a ‘remaster’ and not a ‘remake’
Battlefield 3 patch fixes voice chat, not much else
You should sign up for the Hawken beta right now
Apple pulls knock-off games from App Store
Driver dev working on a ‘confidental Kinect project’
Spec Ops: The Line makes lofty narrative promises
Sanctum 2 is aiming for PC and consoles in 2013
67% of UK game companies ditching retail games, says TIGA
SOE wants to court you but you’ll have to work for it
Fans get to choose Xenoblade’s alternate cover art
Europe gets two Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle bundles

HAWP: Anthony is such a drama queen
Mega Man X’s Vile is a bourbon man
Jimquisition: When Piracy Becomes Theft
Here’s an exclusive look at Archie Mega Man issue #10

Ooh! Metal Gear Solid HD on the PS Vita
Prime your Ecstasy Shot, Gal Gun demo on February 14
Vessel coming to PC March 1st, consoles at a later date

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