The Daily Hotness: Freddie Wong heats things up

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Freddie Wong’s videos don’t always do it for me, but his latest was pretty special. It’s more than just the story of a man on a quest for fire-based flora, it’s a critical look at man’s constant quest for power and the (often) unintended destruction that follows. The cycle th… Nevermind. 

Kingdom’s of Amalur has an online pass that people aren’t happy with, Samit reviewed NFL Blitz, PC players are getting an upgrade on their Witcher 2, and more happened on 1/27/2012.

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PC users will get The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for free
PixelJunk debuts on Steam with Eden
Indie developer redesigns UI specifically for one player
38 Studios explains Kingdoms of Amalur online pass
Resident Evil: Revelations will be sold for $39.99
Fan project Renegade X: Black Dawn available tomorrow

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