The Daily Hotness: Freaky Constantina!

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Thomas Truong wins the 1st Annual Podtoid Classic.

In lesser news, we list our top 10 games of gamescom, Jordan and Conrad spelunk into madness, reviews for Madden 25 and Divekick! make our lives complete, Alessandro Fillari test drives The Crew, don’t listen to David Cage while operating heavy machinery, Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle is the real McNeil, and get limber for Grand Theft Auto V‘s hot yoga.

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Grand Theft Yoga, Destiny’s Sunsets & Elder Subscriptions

Friday Night Fights: A new challenger approaches
Community blogs of 8/23
Forum thread of the day: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Contest: Win The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing!

Review: Madden 25
Review: Divekick!

The Crew seeks to redefine online racing

Elder Scrolls Online will also have a cash shop
Rare’s kicking around ideas for its classic properties
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer retiring within 12 months
Ayano muses on Alex and Karin in Ultra Street Fighter IV
Persistent online experiences: The future of Square Enix?
A 3D Steel Empire remake is coming to the 3DS
Blizzard isn’t opposed to an eventual free-to-play WoW
La Pucelle is invading Disgaea D2 in the form of DLC
FIFA 14 on Vita is a reskin of FIFA 13

David Cage will put you to sleep
The Dragonborn fights vampires and Necromancers
Next-level art magic: The Super Mario Bros. 3 fresco

Look at a set of battles side by side in SD and HD FFX
FFXIV: A Realm Reborn drops ‘Threats Unleashed’ trailer
A brief look at summoning in Dark Souls II
Here’s what the Wii U Wind Waker HD bundle looks like
I can’t wait to do yoga in Grand Theft Auto V
Get your hardcore shmup on in Summer Carnival ’92 Recca
Emperor Palpatine wants you to play Angry Birds Star Wars

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