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Why am I just now hearing about Fractured Soul?! This game looks amazing and reminds me a lot of Metroid. About time the 2D Metroid hole gets filled in by someone for the DS!

We continue to look at the Dante’s Inferno poem and game, Bit Transmission episode 4 is out, I previewed the new NBA Jam, Ben checked out Super Mario Galaxy 2, win some rad Just Cause 2 swag, prepare for a ton of fake April Fools stories and more happened on 03/31/10.

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Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf still being ‘considered’
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Infinity Ward doesn’t think Modern Warfare 2 can be beat
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Green Man Gaming will use SecuROM
UFC president won’t ban fighters who sign with EA MMA
Saints Row 3 is ‘mindblowing’
The Grinder will remain an FPS on Wii
Visceral promises Dead Space 2 demo will be badical
Buy BioShock 2 on Amazon, get BioShock for free
So, looks like Apple may charge for iPad OS updates
Crysis 2 aims to ‘set the graphical benchmark’
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IO expects Kane & Lynch 2 review scores to be ‘better’
Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition pushed back to April
Sakura Wars is out, goodies and downloadables to follow
Go find three dollars and buy CarneyVale Showtime
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will be bosses in NBA Jam
Gears designer Bleszinski to debut new game on Late Night
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There is an Evony 2 coming
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions gets ‘cosmic’ pre-order
Ubisoft survey might be related to next Ghost Recon game

Realistic Mega Man isn’t as scary as box art Mega Man

Xenoblade gets a sexy new trailer, you watch it
Screens of Dante’s Inferno DLC show upcoming Trials
Metroid Other: M gameplay almost looks as hot as Samus
Fractured Soul is very retro, kind of cool
First screens for The Conduit 2 draw near!
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions hits September, more details and screens
The Last Story putting huge emphasis on sound direction
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