The Daily Hotness: Fits!

This is my favorite commercial ever. I’m hoping to take some time to get the dance down pat soon so that I can do it whenever I like.

Today, we continued our crusade against SOPA, we began hyping up our super silly Destructoid Live! panel at MAGFest, The DTOID Show is back for 2012, Wesley Ruscher reviewed All Zombies Must Die!, and more!

Destructoid Original:
Destructoid Live! panel at MAGFest X this weekend
The DTOID Show: It’s 2012 and we’re back – with NEWS!


Community blogs of 1/3
Forum thread of the day: DOODLE DUMP
Bloggers Wanted: Predictions

Review: All Zombies Must Die!

Soulcalibur V soundtrack: top talent from US and Japan
SWTOR bans players for playing the game wrong
Veteran hates Modern Warfare 3’s ‘hideous’ advertising
NintenDOOMED: 3DS clears four million sales in the US
God of War IV spotted on composer’s resume, OH GAWD!
Shenmue City shut down
Bastion sells 500k, Supergiant to self-fund next game
Selections from Guinness World Records 2012 Gamers Ed.
ESA still fully backs SOPA, issues statement of support
UFC Personal Trainer: TUFS gets free DLC for Xbox 360
Hate SOPA? Tell the ESA and its members!
Expect details on new IP from Crystal Dynamics this year
Super Meat Boy sells 1 million copies, is still hard


Skyward Sword alphabet cracked, font available
CAN’T UNSEE: TV’s Terra Nova stars Old Snake, Sheva
Retrode console brings legitimacy to emulation
(Probably fake) miniature Wipeout track is too cool

Steven Hansen