The Daily Hotness: Finger powers

Arkedo showed off a scrapped Natal game called 2-Finger Heroes. Various isses caused the team to abandon the project, which is a real shame. The game looks hilarious and knowing Arkedo, there would have been some sort of “shocker” finger finishing move. Maybe.

Halo: Reach something something hype, Final Fantasy I and II are coming to the iPhone, play as the smoking hot chick in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, BANANA PHONE DO DO DO DA DA DA and more happened on 01/21/10.


Community blogs of 01/21/10
Forum of the day: Dig Dug v Dig Dug 2

Sadly scrapped: Arkedo’s Natal game, 2-Finger Heroes
Kids spend 53 hours a week using media
Braid to be boxed, released in retail wild this January
SOTA offering Lightning Blanka and Juri resin statues
Halo: Reach’s story is kind of like Titanic
PSA: Left 4 Dead 2 is Amazon’s ‘Deal of the Day’
SCEJ announces gold-covered Uncharted 2 Twin Pack
Final Fantasy I and II coming to iPhone, iPod Touch
New Wii game makes with the battle cries ‘n decapitations
Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid DLC sales donated to Haiti
PSN is less juvenile than Xbox LIVE, says Zipper dude
Look!: the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP bundle
Microsoft claims that MS Banana Dollars aren’t deceptive
Titan Quest devs working on a new PC action RPG
Tetris: Downloaded on mobile phones 100 million times
New Super Mario Bros. Wii stomps on Mario Galaxy’s sales
Our first real look at Sony’s PSN reality show The Tester
Heavy Rain DLC will make a murderer of you
Tiger uppercut to my workday: Tiger Woods PGA Tour beta
Depending on sales, a new Capcom Vs. might be possible
Games coming to the Kindle, development kit hits
Gearbox gives some hints about a new Borderlands DLC
Final Fantasy XIII’s mighty Odin and others available
Bit.Trip RUNNER looks insane, promises to totally rule
Introversion talks XBLA revisions, development hardships
OnLive gets demoed, feels laggy
Genesis emulator coming to iPhone, won’t be taken down
No More Heroes 2 launch vid > Mass Effect 2 launch vid

Breaking: An Xbox 360 red-rings in San Jose Wal-mart

Artist makes LEGO Diablo II figures
All hail Supreme Commander 2’s glorious spider mech
Yakuza 3: Lovely new screenshots, box art
Tall, curvy broad to be in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
PSA: ModNation Racers Euro beta kicks off, act fast
Mass Effect 2 launch trailer is 2 epic

Hamza Aziz