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I saw Dr Awkward open for mc chris a few weeks ago, and he did this AMAZING song about The Last of Us called “Echos”. I just managed to track the song down on YouTube, and I’ve been bumping it on repeat for the past hour.

Today, Jim gave us his review of the HD version of Wind Waker and a new Now Bloody Playing for Delver, Chris chimed in with a Carter’s Quest on the Zelda series and an editorial about Ouya’s Free The Games Fund, Conrad & Jordan gave us another Daily Spelunk, and Dale and Kyle gave us a bunch of news and previews at the end of the day from Tokyo Game Show.

Destructoid Originals:
Delver – Now Bloody Playing
100% Series Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda
Ouya’s Free The Games Fund is a bloody mess
Spiky, with a chance of hubris – The Daily Spelunk
A la cartridge: Throwing back a Kutaro Smoothie

Community blogs of 9/18
Forum thread of the day: Mighty No. 9 – Keiji Inafune is retooling MegaMan and it looks awesome.

Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Review: Wikipad 7-Inch Gaming Tablet

Happily dying often in the Dark Souls II beta

Tokyo Game Show:
Sony updates us on the Vita TV: 1,300 titles at launch
Final Fantasy Agito ‘will definitely be localized’
Sony shows off PlayStation App live at TGS
Sony planning to sell 5M PS4 consoles by March 2014
PS Vita TV to PS4 remote play demonstrated at TGS
Yakuza Restoration looks just gorgeous on PS4
Capcom’s PS4 exclusive Deep Down casual mode & more
These new PS Vita models sure are pretty
Metal Gear Solid V at TGS: Snake’s pert butt and slow-mo
Puyopuyo Tetris is exactly as it sounds, and I dig it

Wii Fit U will come with a free trial month
Microsoft: A few Japanese exclusives coming to Xbox One
Take On Mars gets a free update and Steam Trading Cards
DuckTales Remastered to get a 360/PS3/Wii U physical box
Hyper Light Drifter also headed to PS4 and PS Vita
Nintendo announces Wii Sports Club for Wii U eShop
Grand Theft Auto V brought in $800M in day-one sales
Gears of War on Xbox One? Microsoft hopes so
Capcom removes Ghosts ‘n Goblins Online from Greenlight
So there’s this new Riddick game for iOS…
Humble Bundle adds Bastion, Limbo, and two others
Superhot and Mount Your Friends greenlit on Steam
Dark Souls II US release date set: March 11, 2014
Gran Turismo 6 will have a large patch on day one

Don’t steal this guy’s coin
Rhymedown Spectacular: Whine out of Ten
Videri String Quartet plays game music with class
Mario SpaghettiOs!? Are we back in the 80s!?

This Japanese Pokemon X/Y trailer is the biggest yet
Capcom details Dead Rising 3’s co-op system
Are you ready for some Mutant Football?
Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure exocytosed onto Steam Greenlight

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