The Daily Hotness: Duke Nukem gold

Holy crap. Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. Never thought this day would come. Pretty sure Hell has frozen over.

Namco Bandai’s E3 conference is detailed, new Ghost Recon game was announced, Specs Ops was delayed again, a Kojima game was canceled and more happened on 5/24/11.

Destructoid Original:
Live show: Mash Tactics plays Halo Reach
Live Show: More Deadly Creatures on Backlog

E3 11:
My Fair Brady’s Adrianne Curry teams with Namco for E3

Why Project Café will struggle in the ‘hardcore’ gamer market
P2 Press Start: A torrid co-op love affair

Win Insert Coin clothing gift card!

Ubisoft announces free-to-play Ghost Recon Online for PC
Sony: PlayStation Store NOT returning today or tomorrow
Seriously: Kinect Googly Eyes is a thing
Never thought we’d say it: Duke Nukem Forever gone gold
PlayStation Move dock for PSP Go? Why?
Rumor: MGS Peace Walker for PS3 announcement at E3
Resistance Greatest Hits bundle contains first two games
Thank CHRIST for that: PSP firmware update 6.39 coming!
Sony hit by new hack attacks on international sites
Atlus USA launches site for Persona 2: Innocent Sin
$15 gets you the Prince of Persia Complete Pack on Steam
League of Legends receives community-regulated Tribunal
Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 3 Wii not confirmed
Kojima’s new game canceled, Kojima not happy about it
Remedy: Sony, Nintendo must reinvent handhelds to compete
HUGE Final Fantasy collection on eBay at $14,900
Halo: Reach: New demo, Games on Demand discount
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic announced for 3DS
Free App of the Day: Candy Train (iOS)
Xbox Live sale on Fallout 3, Oblivion add-on content
Ms. Splosion Man limited beta announced
Spec Ops: The Line hit with another delay
Rockstar’s Agent and Max Payne 3 still exist, honest
Take-Two sees L.A. Noire ‘as a powerful new franchise’
THQ announces distribution deal with Codemasters
Brink patched for PC, fixes sound, fonts, servers
Rumor: New Shinobi coming to Nintendo 3DS

Even more fun with terrible voice acting in games

Double Fine on the development of Trenched
Screens and more details on Persona 2 PSP
A Valley Without Wind looks very … unique
Wanking, pooping, killing puppies, being Welsh
Anarchy Reigns introduces us to Leo
Nano Assault for 3DS looks pretty hot and hotly pretty

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