The Daily Hotness: DRM free Rohan riders hate used games

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I tried to be clever by combining three headlines into one headline. Then, I tried to make my humor visible by creating a clever photoshop of my stupid joke. By the time I finished, I realized that none of it was funny. I decided to use this non-funny headline and picture anyway, just for the sake of irony. 

Anyway, here are some links to some cool stories. We’ve got the usual round up of Podtoid, the DTOID show, some reviews, previews, and videos for your enjoyment.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 186: Cum Bastard
The Destructoid Show LIVE in San Francisco on February 3!
Resident Evil 6: Hoping for evolution, fearing conformity
Office Chat: Anarchy in the R.C. (Raccoon City)
The DTOID Show: LEGO Minecraft, Blizzcon, & Xbox 720?!

Community blogs of 01/25
Forum thread of the day: Batman: Arkham City

Review: Mutant Mudds
Review: Oil Rush

Preview: Shank 2 makes killing joyful
Preview: The roads are empty in Ridge Racer for PS Vita

Zynga rips off Tiny Tower, gets called out by devs
Rumor: Next Xbox to be six times more powerful 
No Blizzcon in 2012, convention returns in 2013
THQ stops publishing kiddy games as SR3 ships 3.8 million
‘Legal’sounds illegally selling OC ReMix albums and more
Riders of Rohan expansion coming to LOTRO
Enjoy old-school delights with the Mutant Mudds OST
Persona 4: The Golden has a new town, moped travel
Paradox: DRM is a waste of money
Insanely Insane Rumor: Next Xbox won’t play used games
Terraria is about to get physical
Netflix doesn’t have any plans to rent out videogames
‘Must-Have Games’ line-up for Window Phones detailed

The Videogame Show What I’ve Done: MW3 Black Ops
Japanese pop culture icons as Street Fighter IV cast

One Piece: Pirate Musou stretches its way into my heart
SNK adds two more arcade classics to PlayStation Network
I’m obsessed: Rhythm Heaven Fever’s ball kick love song
Death is EVERYWHERE in this terrifying Darksiders II vid
Look at all the cool sh*t to do in Final Fantasy XIII-2
Final Fantasy XIII-2: International version’s rapless rap

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