The Daily Hotness: Dreamy Gyllenhaal

So the Prince of Persia movie could have some potential. What do you think? Will it be good or bad?

Jim supports Modern Warfare 2, Dragon Age is out this week, a Chiptune tour is hitting the West Coast, we’re giving away Magnacarta 2, Parappa creator wants less violence in games, the DSi LL is huge and more vespene gas is needed on 11/02/09.

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We’re giving away six copies of Magnacarta 2!
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Chiptune micro tour bringing the lovin’ to the West Coast

No Assassin’s Creed II demo planned
Bayonetta PS3 cheaper than Bayonetta Xbox 360
Xbox Live party chat blocked in Modern Warfare 2?
PSPgo sells 28,275 at Japanese launch
Ubisoft not commenting on new Prince of Persia game
UK Charts: Soccer is better than soccer AND soccer
Assassin’s Creed 2 will have music, buy it in November
Rumor: Kameo 2 sh*tcanned by Microsoft
Remedy paranoid about Alan Wake spoilers
Seriously: Hideo Kojima judging a Twilight fanart contest
Heavy Rain ‘had to be’ on PlayStation 3
Nintendo DLC Update: Fighting Street and stuff
Here are your Modern Warfare 2 kill streaks and perks!
Retailer training quiz drops details on Mass Effect 2 DLC
Valve spending £6 million on Left 4 Dead 2 in UK
Parappa creator wants less violence in games
Fight Night Round 4 now $39.99, new DLC hits December
Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 to top $500 MM in launch week
ESRB describes Modern Warfare 2’s oft-talked about level
Magic: The Gathering Tactics announced
Pre-order Darksiders, get free book and in-game scythe
Modern Warfare’s ‘Variety Map Pack’ half price this week
Sony: Blame PS3 for lack of PSP games
Insane cat game becomes worst selling Wii title ever
Wallace & Gromit episodes 2, 3, and 4 hit XBLA this week
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker getting English demo


This Splatterhouse custom is the definition of badass
Mega64: Modern Warfare 2 ruins everything
RE: The Darkside Chronicles gets the papercraft treatment

A look at the many different versions of Bayonetta
American McGee’s Alice returns in 2011
Interplay releases some concept art for the Fallout MMO
DSi LL looks like a pocket buster in this video
Gyllenhaal is dreamy in his Prince of Persia film trailer
Chaos Space Marines tear s**t up in this Chaos Rising vid
Left 4 Dead 2: Censored edition
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 looks familiar, blockier
Band Hero commerci…hey! Travis Barker! Put down the DS!

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