The Daily Hotness: Dramatic Friday

A slow dramatic cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday. For those special moments when you want to feel sad and ironic at the same time.

Today is all about E3. E3 this and E3 that. We’ve got coverage of all big titles your expecting including Far Cry 3, Zone of the Enders, Jet Set Radio on the Vita, Super Mario Bros. 2, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and Black Ops II.

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E3: Borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch’s story process
E3: Be a Vampire Lord in Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC
E3: It’s Holmes vs. Concelmo in Persona 4 Arena!
E3: Nintendo Land’s Donkey Kong Crash Course demo
E3: The Act looks delightful
E3: Hands-on with Zone of the Enders HD
E3: Poking an otter with a stick in Frobisher Says
E3: Kill foreigners with friends in Far Cry 3 co-op
E3: Far Cry 3 drives me to the brink of sanity/boobs
E3: Oscar Araujo confirmed for Castlevania soundtracks
E3: Time is the enemy in this two-part Pikmin 3 demo
E3: Kirby’s Dream Collection headed to Wii this September
E3: Wii U can’t stand up
E3: Stab cats in Nintendo Land’s Animal Crossing minigame
E3: PS All-Stars Battle Royale hands-on: Drake, Big Daddy
E3: PlayStation All-Stars can be played on Vita, but why?
E3: Is this Nintendo’s official Wii U GamePad stand?
E3: Jet Set Radio on Vita is Dreamcast-alicious
E3: Someone got some Virtua Fighter in my Dead or Alive 5
E3: 360 degrees of the Wii U’s PanoramaView
E3: Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! and its ‘polite boss’
E3: Outrun the coppers in NFS: Most Wanted for iOS
E3: Gilius Thunderhead & All-Stars Racing Transformed
E3: Hands-on with Pikmin 3
E3: Become a flying squirrel in New Super Mario Bros. U 
E3: Orgarhythm is hard to explain, but fun to play
EA: Dead Space 3 has me on a scavenger hunt
E3: Everyone is saying Theatrhythm wrong
E3: No Man’s Land pushes PlayStation Home to its limit
E3: Wii Fit U and Holmes’ best Lara Croft impression
E3: All I wanna do is Dance Central 3
E3: Crysis 3 has guns that shoot 500 rounds a second
E3: Alucard confirmed for Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
E3: Persona 4 Arena plays as good as it looks
E3: Nintendo brags about some impressive 3DS stats
E3: New Super Mario Bros. 2 has full co-op support
E3: Fire Emblem: Awakening confirmed for North America
E3: I played Silent Hill: Book of Memories and LIKED it
E3: Storm Legion gives Rift more land, more adventures
E3: Double Fine’s The Cave looks utterly delightful
E3: Hunting MOAR bugs in Aliens: Colonial Marines
E3: Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia on CoD: Black Ops II
E3: Jimpressions of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Microsoft taking $99 Xbox 360 national later this month 
The Lord of the Rings Online is now free on Steam
EA Sports not currently negotiating for MLB license
EA: Expect discounts, but no Steam-like sales, on Origin
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Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph: A videogame movie done right?
Saturated Dreamers is next for the Immortal Defense team

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