The Daily Hotness: DOUBLE RAINBOW!

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OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! WOW! DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!!!! Spotted on The Huffington Post.

Once Upon a Pixel takes on Prinny, I reviewed the Sumo Gigantor Giant Bean Bag, DJ Hero actually does well, Blood Gulch is back in Halo: Reach and more happened on 07/07/10.

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Once Upon a Pixel: Prinny


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Sumo Gigantor Giant Bean Bag

Exploring Playdead’s haunting Limbo

Win Joe Danger for the PlayStation Network!
Last call: Win Junpei’s hat from Persona 3 Portable!
The winners of our Sniper: Ghost Warrior iPad giveaway!

Burger King and Microsoft team up to promote Kinectimals
GameFan might be a magazine you’d like
3DS relying on ‘integrity’ of developers for good games
Microsoft made $1 billion from Xbox Live last year
WTF is Irrational working on? Call ’em and guess!
First-ever nationwide Wii game tournament this summer
German ratings board passes NBA Jam to 360, PS3
God Eater Burst: A PSP game and an update
Gather ’round for more free BF: Bad Company 2 DLC
Vanquish gets dated for Japan: October 21st
What? DJ Hero sales: 1.2 million since launch
The Indie Fund is now open for business
Could we see our Wii Miis on the 3DS?
RetroN 3: NES, SNES, Genesis and wireless, all in one
Free Steam weekend and sale for Serious Sam HD: TSE
Get your prequel on with Dead Space Ignition for PSN/XBLA
ACE Team putting Zeno Clash 2 on the back burner

Awesome Super Mario Bros sidewalk edition
YES: Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch now out for download

Split/Second triggers a ‘Power Play’ on PSP this holiday
Michael Jordan and his tongue grace cover of NBA 2K11
Worms 2: Armageddon ‘Battle Pack’ DLC available
NHL Slapshot producer explains the game in this dev diary
Blood Gulch is back in Halo: Reach
FIFA 11 to have web-based, console-connected Creation Center

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