The Daily Hotness: Doppelgangers

Chad found all of our videogame doppelgängers for each person on the Destructoid staff. What do you think? Was he on the money with his choices or are there better videogame look alikes for us out there?

Wii MotionPlus instructional video thinks you’re dumb, Colette brought us another exclusive A Boy and his Blob video walkthrough, Storm adventures through Left 4 Dead, we reviewed Prototype, Splatterhouse is coming out next year and plenty more happend on 06/18/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Wii MotionPlus instructional video assumes you’re a moron
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Rev Rant: indie mercy
If the Destructoid editors were videogame characters
Magic XBLA will have DLC, Microsoft to price it
Destructoid Exclusive: A Boy and His Blob part 3: Caves
Storm’s Adventures! Left 4 Dead
Microsoft: ‘We are not launching a new console in 2010’

Untapped Potential: Talk dirty to us, mister developer-man
Community blogs of 06/18/09
Forum of the day: Project Natal

Galaga Remix (iPhone)

Impressions: Halo Uprising

Haiku ninjas announced! Ninja Blade soundtrack winners
CoD: World at War Map Pack 2 sells like crazy, now win it!

Tomb Raider creator heading up new Crystal Dynamics game
Xbox Live Silver members can get one month of Gold for $1
Devs respond to PS3 Ghostbusters controversy, make it worse
Schafer: Games need to broaden their subject matter
Realtime Worlds’ staff expands, now one of UK’s largest devs
Koei Tecmo working on its first crossover game
Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer will be free
Pro-Left 4 Dead 2 Steam group causes trouble
Heavy Rain still in alpha, needs ‘a whole lot of work’
Splatterhouse on track for an ‘early 2010’ release
Take-Two looks to sell 5 million copies of BioShock 2
Xbox Originals integrated into Games on Demand
Brad Paisley’s wrong, Rock Band can get you more than a date
Choplifter to be revived, we’re hoping it looks like Airwolf
Metal Gear Solid available on PSN today
Former Konami employee sues for discrimination
Rumor: New Natal Xbox 360 confirmed for 2010 (Update)
Xbox 360 Arcade storage to double in new hardware revision
Thank Christ: Cliffy B still likes Gears of War
Fallout 3 ‘Mothership Zeta’ DLC adds more alien weaponry
id Software: Hitler won’t be in Raven Software’s Wolfenstein
Tingle continues to tease with three creepy videos

Persona plushie Jiraiya looks like space Mickey with bling
Hey Lemmy, watcha playin’? Star Fox, apparently
Man carves NES controller into his flesh
Hot Capcom-themed iPhone wallpapers: SFIV, Mega Man and more
Ryan Reynolds says games are a waste of time

Best Buy exclusive Let’s Tap pad freaking sucks
Adam Sessler weighs in on the Left 4 Dead 2 whiners
DDO: Eberron Unlimited has a store, fresh images show it
Bound in Blood ‘Oh Mama’ trailer reminds me of something …
Defeat Death Adder on the can: Golden Axe available on iTunes App Store
Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party hits iPhones this week
Here’s where to get Halo: ODST for the Sgt. Johnson bonus
Team17’s Worms 2: Armageddon gets an explodey new trailer
NHL’s leading scorer Alex Ovechkin on NHL 2K10 box (Update)

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