The Daily Hotness: Don’t mess with Hitogoroshi

Damn Hito! You destroyed Blindside Dork in Magical Drop!

RetroforceGO! is giving a giant collection of retro games to Child’s Play, Jim has been forced to mod his PSP, Nintendo cereal was awful, Holmes reviewed Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, 1UP was aquired, EGM is no more, and plenty more happened on 01/06/09.

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Tatsunoko Vs Capcom


PETA names Fable 2 most animal-friendly game … uh, chicken kickin’?
Gears of War 2 getting an epic multiplayer patch
Insomniac = Killzone 2 fanboys
Japan gets a sexy white Limited Edition Yakuza 3 PS3
UK Charts: FIFA reclaims top spot, not a lot else changes
Why can’t Sonic Team make a good game? Revelations give sad insight
EA, Hasbro and XBLA in steamy menage a trois over Family Game Night
More 360 bundles dumped into Japan, now with RE 5 and Star Ocean 4
Killzone 2 demo confirmed for UK, will be done ‘in the normal way’
Modern day Mega Drive game could come to XBLA
Sony’s Yoshida bigs up a year of PS3 exclusives
Magna Carta sequel coming to Xbox 360 … you’ll remember it eventually
Hospital uses Wii Fit to help amputees
Attention all Slugga Boyz: Dawn of War II system requirements are here
Breaking: 1UP acquired by UGO, EGM is officially no more
Rhythm Heaven spotted with a November release date

Pata-Pata-Pata Tat: man inks himself with the Patapon army
Indie developer completely loses the plot, goes all Time Cube on us

Ninja Blade screenshots screenshots screenshots
MLB Front Office Manager now has box art, revel in its managerial glory
Cammy screens are not intellectually stimulating

Mod your useless HD DVD Drive to BURN PEOPLE’S FACES OFF!
Don’t mind me while I pick my jaw up off the floor: new Fragile trailers
Battlestations: Pacific looks as expected, features planes shooting at things
Skate 2 connects to the Internet, EA release video feature to prove it (Update)
Actor Fred Willard promotes the DS and Personal Trainer to fail results

Hamza Aziz