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Modern day Mega Drive game could come to XBLA


If you're up on your "look at me I'm cool and indie and retro" shenanigans, then you'll doubtless have heard of Pier Solar, a modern day videogame developed for the 16bit Mega Drive (or Genesis for you dirty Americans). As a lover of the long dead system, this title certainly caught my eye, but I might not need to dust off the Blast Processor just yet.

Developer Water Melon has dropped hints that its new cartridge-based title might see the light of day in digital form, as the studio is eyeing up the Xbox Live Arcade Platform. 

"The door is open for a re-release or perhaps a remake on the current generation of consoles, when the Mega Drive/Mega CD version is finished," explained the developer. "We've been looking at XBLA since Microsoft opened up to XNA games and it's a definite possibility in the future. At present though, we're looking forward to the completion and release of the Mega Drive version, so that we can then start planning for new games. A next-gen port of Pier Solar, or maybe even its sequel, is definitely on the list of things to do."

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out Pier Solar's official Web site, and maybe even take a peek at the pre-order page, where you can reserve the game for $35. You'll get a manual and everything!

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