The Daily Hotness: Do a barrel roll!

Star Fox 64 3D is finally out today, so let’s get a round of applause for the existence of worthwhile 3DS software! Seriously, I can’t wait to get out and pick it up. In the meantime, check out Jonathon Holmes’ thoughts on the 3D update.

Nick Chester sings for Assassin’s Creed, we review Madden 12, Bloodrayne: Betrayal and Star Fox 64 3D, Miecraft‘s Adventure Update hit the web early, and more happened on 9/9/2011.

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This weekend on Twitch TV: Chill with Phil debuts!
Free App of the Day: Sonic 20th Anniversary
Friday Night Fights: Hats!
Win Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and a sick poster!
I probably will win the AC: Revelations song contest
The Question: Were Deus Ex: HR’s boss battles a bad idea?
Podtoid 166: Toddler Semen Farm
Bitmob/Destructoid to live stream 20 hours of Dead Island

Review: Madden NFL 12
Review: BloodRayne: Betrayal
Review: Star Fox 64 3D

The Last Guardian will be absent from Tokyo Game Show

You can play Minecraft’s ‘Adventure Update’ early
Shantae: Risky’s Revenge coming to an iDevice near you
Age of Conan – The Savage Coast of Turan goes live
Deus Ex: Human Revolution ships 2 million units
That pesky DRM in From Dust has finally been removed
Machinarium for iPad on app store, relieves constipation
Early access to City of Heroes Freedom for subscribers
Wizorb due out this month, creators form Tribute Games
Borderlands PC update: Steam cloud saves, stat tracking
Dead Island’s ‘Bloodbath’ survival mode detailed
Here’s what you’ll get when Star Trek Online goes free
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine disappears from UK Steam
Gearbox looking for Borderlands feedback for sequel
Aliens Infestation is an Aliens game BASED ON ALIENS!
Not a typo: Nintendo reveals new DSi XL color
Steam has ‘Xbox Support’ section, OMG STEAM ON 360!
Max Payne 3 trailer hitting next week
Saints Row: The Third to get 40 weeks of DLC
Original Crysis coming to PSN/Xbox Live in October
XBLA Bloodrayne Betrayal delayed in Australia

Fan-made Amigo figure to celebrate Dreamcast’s US release
‘It’s about time’: Nike’s limited-edition BTTF sneakers

Latest Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning trailer is very long
Don’t blink: Battlefield 3’s Operation Guillotine video
Third Dark Souls prologue video brings the dragons
30-second Uncharted 3 commercial isn’t long enough
Capcom teasing Street Fighter x Tekken TGS reveals
EA unveils all-new Porsche in this NFS: The Run Trailer

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