The Daily Hotness: Disgruntled Rollercoasters

Probably the weirdest thing that happened today was the news that there would be an Angry Birds theme park in Finland. I knew Angry Birds was a pretty big deal, but it never seemed theme park big. Ehhh… As long as this guy still exists, the Nordic countries get a free pass. 

First day of March! Yaaaaaaay! We had a pretty steady stream of news, including some tasty bits like the location of Assassin’s Creed III, so that’s pretty baller. We’ve got not one, not twelve but THREE new reviews up today, so you should probably check those out and then go eat a cake. Or something.

Community blogs of 3/1
Forum Thread of the day: 20,000

Review: Wargame: European Escalation
Review: Waking Mars

Review: Journey 

Preview: How Max Payne 3 made me a believer again

Preview: Fighting an evil U.N. in End of Nations

Japan gets a Cobalt Blue 3DS and five new bundles
BioShock Infinite release date is October 16
Silent Hill HD Collection falls back to March 20
New PS Vita games to be announced next week
Rayman Origins demo arrives on Steam
Assassin’s Creed III confirms American Revolution setting
Despair: Persona 4 Arena’s Labrys not playable after all
Another retailer temporarily lists Black Ops 2
New Club Nintendo March games debut
Silent Hell: the rage-fueled tale of Book of Memories
Japan is getting EVE Online at the end of this month
Third new Black and White 2 Pokemon officially revealed 
PAYDAY: The Heist goes on sale, free to play this weekend

Sea-salt ice cream from Kingdom Hearts is on the menu
Angry Birds theme park coming to Finland this summer
Mega Man Legends would probably make a kick-ass NES game

SSX Defy Gravity Live

Daniel Starkey