The Daily Hotness: Dino might!

Wow, that was an awful pun.

We heard that the canceled current-gen Turok game might have allowed you to play as a dinosaur; we learned that Capcom is selling us entire multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 5, which came out an hour ago here on the East Coast; Dhani Harrison told us that The Beatles: Rock Band will feature previously unreleased material; and not much more happened on Destructoid on 03/12/09.

Destructoid Originals:
RetroforceGO! not recording this week, don’t tell Chad on us

Forum of the Day: Play or Collect?

Reminder: Discuss touch-screen PC gaming, win game of your choice

Killzone 2 ads pulled in Toronto because OMG VIOLENCE!
Osaka elementary schools to require Nintendo DS for every student
Europe cracking down on violent games after German shootings
Turok sequel may have had playable dinosaurs
Rumortoid: Nintendo working on a Wii movie service
Have a look at this useless tease from Nintendo
Capcom’s severed limb stunt turned out to be a disaster
Good Old Games jumps in bed with Empire Interactive
Shocker: The PS3 will always have Blu-ray
Is Secret Agent Clank bound for the PlayStation 2?
The Beatles: Rock Band to feature never-released material
Tecmo announcing game, will be the best something or other ever
Gamer accuses US Airways of Xbox 360 theft, sues for $1 million
School shooting in Germany linked to videogames
Miyamoto claims the GameCube made him ‘sad’

Virtual On XBLA dated for release this spring
Ultimate JRPG fan service: New Cross Edge screens
WTF? G.I. Joe images aren’t of Snake-Eyes fighting a bat
Latest screens of The Pitt DLC pack more Auto-Axe lovin’
Resident Evil 5 gets a new ‘Versus’ digital download mode
New Capcom Wii games: The Darkside Chronicles, two GameCube ports
Okay, Sheva’s ‘sexy’ RE5 alternate costume MIGHT be racist
Army of Two: The 40th Day coming to 360, PS3, and…PSP?!
Pre-order Wanted from GameStop, get limited edition comic

New inFamous trailer is very black
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles trailer

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