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Reminder: Discuss touch-screen PC gaming, win game of your choice

2009-03-12 13:00:00·  2 minute read   ·  Papa Niero

Contest update:  Winners announced!

See that thing up there?  The bottom part is not a keyboard.  It's a touch screen.  You can also flip it on its side and use it like a book or use it as a giant two-pane screen.  Neat, eh?  It's a new experimental computer that Asus announced at CeBit.  The idea for it started on (I'm a guest author there as their resident gamer nerd)  -- an Asus-funded research and discussion community formed to try and create a new product. It's pretty exciting to see some sexy hardware come to life out of blogging discussions, and hope you'll join me in speaking candidly and openly on how to make the final version of this thing not suck for gamers. That's where bribery and the contest comes in!

Three Dtoiders will win their choice of MadWorld, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, StarOcean, or Killzone 2

Here's how to get your qualifying vote in:

1) Register to comment on WePC with a username beginning with "Dtoid_".  (Example: "Dtoid_Niero")

2) Think about an intelligent answer this question: How might playing your favorite game not suck on this computer?

3) Click here to post your answer in the comments

Only one comment per person per day, please.  You can increase your chances of winning by entering daily and suggesting a control scheme for a different game.

More rules and stuff after the jump.


Contest judging

We're be selecting all of the "not worthless" comments and choosing 3 random winners.  A useful comment is one that doesn't read like "MAKE THE DUDE DRAGABLE BY FINGERZ DONE".  Put your back into it, honey.  Think it through. In many cases it may make sense to keep a partial "software" keyboard on the lower screen, but with added specific macros or touch-enabled widgets to make it easier to navigate the game. 

For example, maybe you'd like all 20 or so active Half-Life 2 keys but also use a part of the lower screen for map tracking or a tally of how many watermelons you've destroyed. Maybe you'd like to propose a control scheme for casual games instead.  I'm not asking for rocket science, just some viability or your opinion on whether or not this thing has legs.  Please feel free to tear to shreds my proposal for a touch-driven World of Warcraft interface while you're at it with a new one.  Let's give their engineering team an ulcer with our demands!

We'll choose 3 winners next Wednesday and announce the winners on March 19. Good luck!

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