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Today we launched Destructoid.TV! It’s a 24/7 channel that plays all of our latest videos from our video page. It’s in beta right now and we’ll add more content to it in the coming days. Take a look at it and let us know what you think!

Get a ten minute taste of The Ballad of Gay Tony, check out our previews of BioShock 2, Nintendo is coming out with a new DSi model, Eddie Riggs roadies for Dethklok and more awesome happened on 10/29/09.

Destructoid Originals:
dTunes Editor’s Week Day 8: Ben PerLee
The survivors in the South seem to be a lot more serious
Destructoid.TV launches! 24/7 videos, trailers, and smut
Ten Minute Taste: GTA: Episodes from Liberty City
The Memory Card .73: Death by funnel
dTunes editor’s week, day 9: Joseph Leray
BioShock 2: Why there’s more than one Big Sister now


My Halloween costume for 2009
Community blogs of 10/29/09
Forum of the day: Real-time or Turn Based RPGs

Half-Minute Hero
Space Invaders Extreme 2

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie trailer impressions
BioShock 2 through the eyes of Big Daddy
Partying like it’s 1959 in BioShock 2’s multiplayer

CoJ: Bound in Blood patched, load times reduced for PS3
Nintendo’s revenue and profits plummet
Nintendo officially reveals the DSi LL
Epic Mickey was once being created for other platforms
DS sells 113 million units worldwide
1 vs. 100 team to give The One a bit presence
Grand Theft Auto done with Liberty City: Next stop …
Would the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ make a good Nathan Drake?
Insomniac: Sony Japan listens to Western market now
TV’s Criminal Minds becomes a videogame
Buy Lugaru for 75% off, spend the day maiming bunnies
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero ships Dec 1st
The Ballad of Gay Tony available on Xbox LIVE
PlayStation Home gets some Halloween crap
Kojima, Suda amazed by DSi virtual girlfriend Love Plus
Microsoft: Xbox 360 has the best games
Bayonetta gets Western release date (load the Fap-Cannon)
Get Team Fortress 2 for $2.49 RIGHT NOW
Another new Nintendo handheld next year? Slow down!
Steampunk brawler Hammerfight now available on Steam
Capcom PSN love: Darkstalkers, Maverick Hunter X added
Atlus snaps up MMO company Gonzo Rosso
Borderlands console patches going live soon … real soon
SSFIV dev blog tells us all about Juri
DJ Hero gets its first DLC: Gorillaz, Queen, and more
Demon’s Souls players, take care on Halloween
Band Hero event to rawk Nintendo Store this Sunday
Predictable: Modern Warfare 2 footage upsets people
Gamertag launches new ‘pirate radio’ for GTA: Gay Tony
Rumor: Two L4D2 expansions named via PC demo

So would you call this a Left 4 Deadstop?
Eddie Riggs roadies for Dethklok, makes good sandwiches
Tekken anime is unintentionally funny
Shadow of the Colossus cosplay climbs us, stabs weak spot


Final Borderlands trailer has midget-punching mention
Bad Company 2 LE version announced, offers ‘unlocks’
Yes! Tomena Sanner confirmed for US WiiWare
Mustache alert: Fret Nice slated for early 2010
Skeletons confirmed for next LOTRO expansion
Here are your Left 4 Dead 2 Avatar Awards
Dementium II debut trailer will chill you to the bone

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