The Daily Hotness: Corgi in the water park

If I was that corgi I would have done the same exact thing. Actually, even if I wasn’t a corgi I still would have.

Today in videogames, Borderlands 2 will have a “girlfriend” tree, we reviewed Dust, PlayStation All-Stars was pushed back a bit, we’re giving away Darksiders II collector’s editions, and many more amazing things happened on 8/13/2012.

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DTOID Extra: Sleeping Dogs With Producer Jeff O’Connell
Live show: Sleeping Dogs, early gameplay & giveaway! 
The Network Roundup: The Jaws of love
Talking to Teddy Diefenbach about The Moonlighters
The DTOID Show: “Girlfriend” mode, Dust, & XCOM

Community blogs of 8/13
Forum thread of the day: Sleeping Dogs (page 4)

Contest: Win Darksiders II Collector’s Edition and more!

Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail
Review: Rigonauts
Review: Hybrid

PSA: Cave shooters on sale for iOS platforms this week
Borderlands 2’s ‘girlfriend’ tree sure sounds patronizing
New Super Mario Bros. 2 costs more on eShop than retail
Nintendo dates many 3DS games, pushes back Luigi to 2013
All 25 songs for Rock Band Blitz revealed
Study names GameStop the 10th worst workplace in America
Handheld Neo Geo due out this December, won’t be cheap
PS All-Stars moves to Nov. 20: ‘Will be worth the wait’
Epic Games buys Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly
Medal of Honor site wants you to buy some guns
New Indie Royale bundle has SOL: Exodus and much more
Pachter upsets Nintendo fans, says they’ll buy anything
Spec Ops dev laments poor sales, moves on to new project
Steam Community is getting a massive overhaul
Sequel to WiiWare’s Fluidity coming to eShop
Kid Icarus: Uprising OST available for special pre-order

Jimquisition: Old Man Mario

Borderlands 2’s villain challenges you in a new trailer 
FAAAABULOOOOUS!!! Style Savvy is getting a seeequeeel!!! 
Mann vs. Machine: New co-op game for Team Fortress 2 
FIFA 13 to include ‘Skill Games’ mode

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