The Daily Hotness: Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Colette got to debut our new Captain Obvious image created by Mikey. Whenever a gaming company makes a horribly obvious statement, Captain Obvious will be on the scene!

Brad Nicholson debuted his new mini-feature on gaming armor, a ton of NARPs are on the way, Samit brought us a ton of new info on Guitar Hero 5, Jim reviewed Shatter, Deca Sports is coming to the DS and plenty more awesome happened on 08/10/09.

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Taxiball (Update)

Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 5 (Wii)
Cursed Mountain

Katamari Forever, Tekken 6 playable at GamesCom 09
Silent Hill gets a haunted house maze thing of scariness

Image of a retail version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 surfaces
I Am Alive released in 2011?
GameStop to offer BioShock 2 multiplayer characters as bonus
Rumortoid: Call of Duty Classic will cost 1200 MS Points
LucasArts releasing a trio of Star Wars content onto WiiWare
Nintendo DLC: NyxQuest, Rock N’ Roll Climber, Star Wars
Pachter: Sony and Nintendo ‘made an error’ with pricing
Tony Hawk: Ride hits retail on November 17
Wii Vitality Sensor coming ‘not too late’ in 2010
UK Charts: Cricket tops an all-sport spectacular
Final Fantasy XIII’s release date will be announced shortly
New screens pop up for Wizardry: The Wedge of Life for DS
Red Alert: Commander’s Challenge coming to XBLA, PSN
Hudson bringing Deca Sports to the Nintendo DS
Darkest of Days PC demo set for tomorrow
Pachter: Games on Demand prices are likely to change
Job listing reveals online focus for next Mortal Kombat
The Lost and Damned for $15, other 360 deals on the way

A lovely videogame-themed musical performance
My Little Pony goes to Silent Hill with these creepy customs
Give me one good reason not to want these wee Neo Geo cabs

Lead and Gold screens appear, racoon hat thing confirmed
Make King Arthur a tyrant or toss lightning in ‘King Arthur’
Ninja Captains contains cats, minigames, tomfoolery
Schafer rocks Rubik’s Cube for Brutal Legend soundtrack reveal
Play as the Man in Black … in Guitar Hero 5

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