The Daily Hotness: Bubbles! (09/18/08)


Samit previews some Atari games, Castle Crashers has had over 250,000 downloads, a couple of new Mega Man 9 bosses were revealed, Mirror’s Edge gets dated, and plenty more happened on Thursday. 

Thursday Regulars:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: ???
RetroforceGO! records episode 60 tonight: Rhythm games (Retro Limbo #1)

Watch me on COIN-OP TV tonight!

Destructoid Reviews:
Warriors Orochi 2

Atari NYC Media Day: Hands-on in the kitchen with What’s Cooking? Jamie Oliver
Atari NYC Media Day: PETA doesn’t want a Deer Hunter Tournament hands-on, we do
Konami NYC Media Day: Castlevania Order of Order of Ecclesia feels like home
Konami NYC Media Day: On tour with Rock Revolution for the Nintendo DS
Demo Jimpressions: Fracture

Life With PlayStation is finally ready for consumption
Prof gets $100,000 to play World of Warcraft
Shocker: MS working on a shedload of Halo games
British morons whine about six-month-old Condemned 2 ad
Over 250,000 Castle Crasher downloads and counting
Stranger than fiction: Xbox 360 outsells Wii in Japan
Some more Super Saiyan warriors from DW: Multi-Raid
Mirror’s Edge leaps to consoles on November 11 and other lousy headlines
Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6:1, according to Activision
OFLC lists Left 4 Dead for, uh … the Nintendo DS?
Sackboy coming to Pain, world domination is at hand
Judd wisdom: BioShock is ‘easy as Hell’ and Kojima needs ‘clamps’
Video Sharing ousted in Home beta
God of War ‘stolen’ from movie pitch, claims lawsuit
Xseed and Marvelous bringing three new titles to Wii and DS
New Prince of Persia 360, PS3, PC, and DS titles available December 2
Microsoft <3’s Rare, defends studio against Moore’s criticism
Ubismug: Publisher knew about WiiMotionPlus
Level-5 promises to electrify you with ‘shocking’ announcement Sept 26th
Good news: we’re not ‘fat’ anymore. Bad: we’re depressed substance abusers
Nintendo sued again over Wii motion, failure could equal removal
Free Radical wants to know your platform of choice for TimeSplitters 4
Character art for Last Flight looks appetizing
Wii Music gets October 20 release date, will be sold out everywhere until 2010
Japan gets yet another cool PSP: Gundam!
New Lara Croft talks smack about the old ones
Harmonix and MTV Games late, announce licensed in-game instruments for Rock Band
Mass Effect possibly going to the big screen, hot alien action unconfirmed
FPS controller integrates mouse control on console
NYC’s Parsons New School of Design to host LittleBigPlanet competition
High Voltage wants you to design The Conduit’s controls
LittleBigPlanet Trophies revealed, I foam at the mouth

Fail: Nintendo’s ‘Celestial event’ = bubble machine

Mega Man 9 delight: Splash Woman and Plug Man revealed!
Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion details revealed at JAMMA
More new Culdcept DS screens; also, NERDS

Cursed Mountain trailer confirms that the mountain is most definitely cursed
New details on YUKE’s Neverland Card Battles for the PSP
Film yourself asking a question about Prince of Persia, get a response
New Samba De Amigo ‘friends’ trailer features a monkey

Feel the Hatred: A history of hate

Hamza Aziz