The Daily Hotness: Bring it on home

Hey everyone it’s Music Monday! Okay, I made that up. Truth is I’ve been listening to way too much Led Zeppelin lately and I thought I’d share one of my favorite live performances by ol’ Led Zep. The track is “Bring It On Home,” which is the last song off Led Zeppelin II. This is from one of the earlier gigs at The Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy!

Back to the business at hand, today EA banned someone because another person happened to mention their name, we gave away a signed copy of Skyrim, only one account can be put on a Vita and so many other amazing things happened on 12/5/11.

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EA will ban you from games if someone else swears at you
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Rumor: Square Enix Action RPG coming to Vita, PS3
Rayman creator doesn’t like Mario games
Vita Hill Social Club: San Francisco’s PS Vita speakeasy
Microsoft busts into IGF with its own XBLA Prize to give
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New releases: Mario Kart 7, Fortune Street and more
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue pack gets Thor
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