The Daily Hotness: Brawl!

The new Dead Fantasy chapter was a lot better than the last one. You just got to love those big group-style battles. Did you all catch the new episode? 

Samit checked out The Beatles: Rock Band, Holmes reviewed BlazBlue, we revealed the Guitar Hero 5 challenges, we’re having a Twitter Party this week, a Metalocalypse game is in the works and plenty more happened on 07/21/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Tetris Friends has instant six person multiplayer…sort of
Podtoid 107: near death experiences
HMX: ‘Beatles: Rock Band is the Brian’s Song of videogames’
Exclusive: Guitar Hero 5 Challenges revealed
RetRose Tinted: Rastan
Bacalao! Tetris
Boot Camp: EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge (Week 2)
Game Debate to the Death! Red Faction: Guerrilla VS inFamous


By demand : Further tales of an omnipotent public servant
Community blogs of 07/21/09
Forum of the day: The growing popularity of digital downloads

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

The Beatles: Rock Band (Vocal Trainer)

Winners of the Madballs in Babo Invasion contest
Destructoid and King of Fighters XII have a Twitter Party

San Diego Comic-Con 09:
Catch the Assassin’s Creed II panel at Comic-Con this week

Make soldiers scream in Shadow Complex to get an Achievement
Prince of Persia movie poster freaking sucks
New weapons, perk for Fallout 3’s ‘Mothership Zeta’ detailed
Vote for the next Ryu Ga Gotoku hostess
Harmonix reveals 15 more The Beatles: Rock Band songs
Pandemic’s The Saboteur hits shelves December 8
@OfficialBF1943 – we can handle ’43 weapons in Bad Company 2
Has the band-style music game peaked?
Modern Warfare 2 controller might happen, IW pitching in
Metalocalypse game coming to XBLA and PSN
Former America’s Next Top model contestant eyes Rock Band Network
New zombies and items detailed for Left 4 Dead 2
Madworld on sale at Amazon today
Diablo creator to work on Marvel Universe MMO
Halo Wars ‘Historic Battles’ DLC hits Xbox LIVE
Mechner, McFarlane team for Prince of Persia graphic novel
Sony motion control is ‘a couple of generations ahead’
World at War map packs downloaded four million times
First image of Ben Kingsley in Prince of Persia flick
Microsoft patents co-op for squad-based shooters
New Xbox Experience update launches August 11
Sacred 2 PC receives new patch, prep for expansion
ASA picks on games again with new advertising guidelines
South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play launches October 7
Player banned from Resistance, sues Sony over free speech
Serious Sam 3 leaving ‘cartoony look behind’
Ubisoft can make a PS3 Splinter Cell: Conviction, but won’t
Konami secures Jackson 5 tracks for Karaoke Revolution
Lily Allen, No Doubt, Taylor Swift will make you a Band Hero
Singularity getting its own one-off graphic novel in 2010
Dante’s Inferno on PC? No thanks, says EA
Chun Li and Mai have a boob fight in Street Fighter art book
EA and Dark Horse announce Mass Effect comic series
Fight fires with Real Heroes: Firefighters on August 4

Big Sister looks weird when upright: BioShock 2 toys arrive


Dead Fantasy IV is full of summons and clones
Backward rhythm shooter Retro/Grade announced for PSN
Start your morning off right, watch some more Brutal Legend
Gears 2 ‘Dark Corners’ DLC screens emerge (Update)
Darksiders trailer rides on a not-so-pale horse
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 co-op screens are simply the breast
Fallout 3 ‘Mothership Zeta’ DLC screens show cute aliens
New Korg DS-10 Plus video: Twice as good as the old title
Get physical with Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll

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