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You could spend many years in grad school accruing massive amounts of debt to earn a master’s degree in quantum physics. Or you could watch an a cappella parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody” that condenses all the material in six minutes. Your choice.

I’ve only got two words for you: Puppet. Einstein.

Today, Dale North continues his amazing tour of the Tokyo Game Show, new episodes of The Daily Spelunk and Now Bloody Playing beam into your brains, Chris Carter recommends some Vita games, Angry Birds Star Wars II gets reviewed, Grand Theft Auto V has made more money than Jesus, and La-Mulana 2 will kill us all.

Destructoid Originals:
So you just got a Vita? Here are some recommendations
Intestinal parasites – The Daily Spelunk
Shelter – Now Bloody Playing
Live show: Dtoid.TV hits 100,000,000 views

Friday Night Fights: Thefting all the grands and autos
Community blogs of 9/20
Forum thread of the day: iOS 7: An Update or Merely Andrapple

Contest: Win Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 or Vita!
Contest: Win the Be Mine Special Edition bundle!

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars II

Digging for depth in Deep Down
Hands-on with the new PS Vita, remote play PS4 test
TGS: She doesn’t look very Gung Ho about her job
Lightning Returns at TGS: Open worlds, cool costumes
Dead Rising 3 makes me happy with how crazy it is
Not bad at all! A Realm Reborn running on Surface at TGS
Yakuza Restoration looks incredible

Injustice: God Among Us to get character re-balance patch
Logitech teases new iOS 7 gaming controller
Swery65 talks D4 Xbox One exclusivity, and more
Valve teases Steam living-room news for next week
Ready for more punishment? La-Mulana 2 announced
Dota 2 First Blood update adds LAN play, Captain’s Draft
Grand Theft Auto V achieves $1 billion in sales
Soulcalibur II HD for Wii U if there’s demand, says Namco
You should really be playing The Showdown Effect
The blackguards are revealed

Conan O’Brien tries his hand at Grand Theft Auto V
Volpin Props makes an amazing Halo 4 Needler replica

Knock-knock sounds like an amazing remake of Home Alone
B.Orchid confirmed for Killer Instinct in Sadira trailer

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